It's Wantable makeup time again!

In case you missed it we are running a giveaway and trying to get your input on what boxes you want to hear about.  And from what I can tell its more makeup boxes.  June Wantable arrived incredibly fast and I was quite ready for an eyeshadow refresher.

This month's box included four items, Erin's Face Sheer Aloe Powder, Pout Shout Lip Gloss Well Red, Elizabeth Mott Liquid Eyeliner, and Vincent Longo PearlX Eyeshadow.  According to Wantable, the collection totaled $82.99.

I was SUPER excited to see the Vincent Longo eyeshadow in my box.  A friend got this last month and wore it...I was super jealous.  This eyeshadow is a great medley of iridescent purples and blues.  It looks awesome on.  (I will post pics on FB tomorrow).

The next is the Pout Shout! red lip gloss.  This gloss looks great on but a little too red for everyday.  To quote my friend Jennifer, "Will be great for Christmas."

This box included another eyeliner.  I do have quite a stock pile of eyeliner, so I don't imagine I will get to this one for awhile.  The last was an Aloe Setting Powder  that absorbs shine without looking like a "powder."  According to Wantable, the powder is I guess Vegans can eat it.

Overall I rate this box out of 10 quality 7, cost 9, appropriate for me 6 and "fun" 9. Wantable ships APO (DPO) and arrived sadly two weeks after other bloggers did unboxing. 

Wantable Make up is $40 a month and you can return if you want.

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