Another subscription box day here in Accra.  The Wantable Makeup box was my first real subscription box and I am in love with it. Now I am sure I am not the first Expat to refuse to buy makeup on the local economy.  I live in West Africa and who knows whats in those products.  I use Sephora etc for general purposes, however, I do miss browsing the makeup aisle.  Wantable fills that void.  And as an even greater gift, my friend and office mate also signed up so we can compare and swap.

All the wantables come in this lovely little box, which if you don't use for returns makes for great little storage boxes (especially for kids crafts). Anything you don't like or don't need you can send back for a refund. 

So let's unbox.....

My box this month included 4 items: Seta Eyebrow Brush,  Doucce Liquid Deep Eye Liner, Fran Wilson MOODmatcher Twist Stick, and Bodyography Cosmetics Shadow Glitz.  Jenn (who also gets wantable) also received MOODmatcher stick this month and the brush.

I really liked the eye shadow.  Its a mix of neutrals and sparkles.  HOWEVER, the packaging wasn't great and it caused a mess in the box.  To be honest, I have had wantable for a year and this is the first time I have had this happen.  I do really like it though so I will hang on to it.  In addition, I got a brush, which you can never have too many of (and I enjoy having extras in the rotation so I have to clean less). The eyeliner was underwhelming.  I feel like all these boxes (Birchbox etc.) all have eyeliner.  Given I swapped last month for eyeliner from Jenn, I will most likely send this one back.

Finally the lipstick. This stick is straight out of the 80s but incited hilarity in the office.  Jenn got a green version that when applied made a beautiful red lip.  The "schtick" to the stick is that it adapts to your lip.  I was super excited to try mine, BUT I made the mistake of doing so right before a meeting with the front office.  OF COURSE on me it turned BRIGHT PINK.  To the point that I was likened to Gwen Stefani.  Not the best look for the Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission.  What would have been a bonus under normal circumstances and disastrous today was that its super long lasting and won't come off.

Overall I rate this box out of 10 quality 7, cost 8, appropriate for me 7 and "fun" 9.  Too much laughing to lower the fun level. Wantable ships APO (DPO) and arrived sadly two weeks after other bloggers did unboxing.  However, Jenn's arrived last week.  What can I say, DPO hates me this week.

Wantable Make up is $40 a month and you can return if you want.
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