I will admit it, I can't buy clothes in Ghana.  I have put forth a lot of effort.  At the market I eye dresses and skirts.  At the Accra Mall I peak into clothing stores, but I just can't bring myself to do it.  And that goes doubly and triply for underwear.  For those of you following the blog, I am a current subscriber to AdoreMe and Wantables  Intimates.  I keep promising Andrew I will cancel one....hasn't happened and given these past AdoreMe boxes, he isn't complaining much ;)

This week I was a little disappointed by my AdoreMe Showroom.  The Showroom is the listing of the clothes and outfits AdoreMe chooses for you given your profile.  A lot of the stuff was the same as the previous month and not all that appealing to me. Last month, I was SUPER in love with the pajamas meets lingerie I chose, so I decided to replicate this month.

I picked out this cute loose fitting but still sexy pajama outfit with matching thong.  It was a perfect fit and looked great on.  The thong completes the sexy look, but for going to bed at night I threw on a pair of sweatpants and it was still super cute.  AdoreMe is really helping me build a comfy pajama and not wearing crappy tshirt collection.  Sadly to contrast, my nerd boxes are rapidly increasing my tshirt collection.  An Unboxers conundrum!

This month, with a nifty coupon AdoreMe offered, I got this cute wristlet/cell phone carrying case.  In a million years I would never pick up something like this at the store, but now that I have it, it may come in handy. Look, I will be frank, its cheapo and something you would find in a $3 bin, but hey it was free.

Overall on out of 10 quality I give this month's AdoreMe an 8 (fabric is a little light), cost 6, appropriate for me (or should I say Andrew?) 8 and fun...8.

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