Today's Post and Review is lovingly entitled Dog Toy or Kid's Toy. My son is age 2.5, my dogs are human ages 10 and 6, this seems to be the sweet spot for the game "dog toy or LJ Toy."  Last week we received our first BarkBox.  We will be reviewing them to continue our series for pup boxes and will conclude by wracking up what we feel is most appropriate for the Foreign Service/ Abroad/ our muts. It's

It's been a rough period of time for my two getting to be older aged pups.  My son has discovered he can boss them around and he is just getting to the point where he is almost bigger than them.  This has changed the dynamic, where once he was a baby they could cuddle up next to, now he is a possible danger lurking.  I would say the reverse is also the case.  It is not uncommon on our house to hear "Elko Menlo (we drop the and) get out of my room."  And off a toddler goes to yell at the pups.  It is all quite funny. But we since we started reviewing pup boxes we have added a new dynamic.  "LJ toy or ElkoMenlo toy."

This month's Bark Box included 5 full size items.  Three chew toys/treats and two toys. The two treat bags were pretty full.  The Classic Trail Blazin Bitz were good size liver treats ($5.99) and the pups seem to really enjoy the flavor of the No Grainers Turkey Chew ($4.99).

Also included was a 6" Krunchie tube from Voyce ($? 4.99).  The pups loved this and it was the type of chew they could chew and chew and chew. 

Menlo built a love for the next toy and has been carrying it around in his mouth for three days straight.  Its a plushie bone that clearly says Fetch on it...definietly the dog toy.

The problem arose in our house over the final product, the flash and glow pup ball.  I have to ask you, what sounds more tempting in the world for a 2.5 year old boy than a ball that lights up!  So, poor ElkoMenlo lost the Flash and Glow because I couldn't come up with a good enough reason for why LJ couldn't play with it, and it definetly wore him out for the evening.

Overall out of 10 I give Barkbox an 8 on quality, a 9 on cost, a 8 on appropriate for ElkoMenlo, a 5 on appropriate for LJ :P and a 10 on fun.  Added bonus for easy bed time for all three of my children.  BarkBox is $24 a month and includes options for large and small pups and ships APO.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes.


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