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When we found out we were being posted to Dhaka, Bangladesh, one of the first questions that popped into mind was "I wonder if Athena will be able to keep getting her BarkBox subscription."  I know that sounds ridiculous, since there are so many other, perhaps more important, things to think about, but our dog, Athena, is basically our first child.

And she *loves* her BarkBoxes.

Each BarkBox has a theme, and this particular box was "space travel." It can be hard to get themed treats, but the toys and other accessories generally follow the same idea.  This box contained a pink rubbery squeaky space rocket, a doggy kerchief with a space ship printed on it, and an astronaut squeaky plush rope toy, plus two different kinds of treats.  
 Athena's favorite toy is the squeaky astronaut, but she generally doesn't like rubbery toys, so we gave that to her diplodog friend, Reggie.  She wore her kerchief on our evening walk, and we got stared at even more than usual.  
When it comes to food and treats, Athena is not picky, so she loved them all.  The box had dehydrated lamb lung chunks, which Athena has had before, and little treats called pocket trainers.  We have gotten other treats from this same brand, Bixbi, and she gobbles them right up.  They are really handy for training purposes because they are small and soft, so dogs can easily chew them up without having to put their heads down. 
Now that we are in Dhaka, I'm particularly grateful for Athena's BarkBox because I don't know where we would buy healthy treats and safe toys locally.  I could turn to Amazon, but it's nice have someone else make the choices and they are always so much fun to get in the mail.  

The influx of new fun toys is particularly welcome because we are trying really hard to keep Athena entertained here.  Before we moved to Dhaka, she had a nice big yard to romp around in, but now she's adjusting to apartment life.  The new toys are good for keeping her mind busy, and it's fun to watch how excited she gets whenever we open her BarkBox.  It is like doggy Christmas.
BarkBox ships to DPO and pouch, and it only takes about 5 days longer to arrive in Dhaka than to our address when we were living in Virginia.  There are a couple different subscription levels, and each box is less expensive, depending on how long your subscription lasts.  We do a 6-month subscription and it's about $21 per box, which is a pretty good deal considering all the toys and treats included in each box.  

When you sign up, you indicate the size of your dog (Athena is "big and bold") so they can tailor the size of the toys, and you can also let them know if your dog has any allergies or foods he/she can't eat.  
I'd rate this box an 8 on quality, 10 on cost, 8 on appropriateness, and 7 on fun (since she won't play with one of the toys). 
If you want to give BarkBox a try, use this link to sign up and get a free box added to your subscription plan! 

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