Andrew and I are coffee addicts.  We know we have a problem.  To feed our addiction, we are working through the ever growing selection of coffee boxes.  We currently subscribe to Craft Coffee, but we remain committed to finding the best coffee for the dollar.  Earlier, we reviewed DriftAway Coffee and found their coffee light and easy. Today we are reviewing a sampling of the Bean Box.

Bean Box is a company out of Seattle that works to promote Seattle based roasters.  They offer over 50 coffees from 18 different roasters.  You can chose between Single Origin or Blend Coffees and Light or Dark Brews.

We got a sample box and tried four Seattle-area roasters, err, roasting coffee beans from around the world. We found the Colombian from Broadcast Coffee Roasters light, but we weren't taken aback by the chocolate flavor the coffee noted.  The Guatemalan by True North was good as well, also missed the hint of chocolate.  As a chocolate lover, I think coffee makers should stop putting this on the label because I think I expect to be hit over the head by the flavor as I do when I drink mocha drinks.

The Portofino Blend from Fonte was hands down my favorite.  It had a great flavor and was really smooth.  I was quite impressed. The Espresso blend was a blend of beans from around the world by Keala's Coffee.  It was thick like the label implied, but once again, no maple syrup flavor.  

We are going to do a full write up comparing all the coffee subscription boxes, but if Seattle Coffee is your thing, check out Bean Box.  They offer two options: a sampler box and a monthly bag subscription. The sampler box includes samples from four new roasters every month. Each sample makes about one pot of coffee.  The bag subscription allows you to tailor your coffee to your personal preferences. Both options are $20 a month.

We do have a special offer for our readers. Get 15% off your order using this link.

Overall, out of 10, we give this sampler Beanbox a 7 on quality, an 8 on cost, a 7 on appropriate for us, and an 8 on fun.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes. This post contains affiliate links, please read About Us on how and why we provide these.


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