I don't think I've actually bought any clothes in Ghana yet except the African print shirts that I've designed and had tailored.  I don't particularly like clothes shopping, but I am finding that I need to replace items every month as my clothes wear out.  Enter Bombfell, which we've previously reviewed here.  As I write this, I'm actually wearing the green polo shirt from that box.

Every month, Bombfell sends you a preview email of your order.  You can then choose to accept those items or send them back.  You also select what type of clothing item or accessory you want to receive and your price range.  In the past, I had usually liked the style but thought the price was usually excessive - much more than you would pay for designer named clothes in the States.  

This month, my stylist selected a pair of twill pants, a t-shirt, and a gray button down shirt. I found the pants were too expensive.  Indeed, after telling my stylist to select something else, I ordered two pairs of pants from J. Crew for a good deal less.  I own an identical T-shirt so I refused that as well.  

The button down shirt, however, would be something new.  It made the cut.  My stylist replaced the pants with a two-toned gray button down polo shirt and the t-shirt with a wallet.  They also included a Simpsons slap bracelet.  It brought me back to second grade, and I laughed. Side note: Did anyone else's school ban slap bracelets back in the day?

So I'm a little disappointed with this box. I actually liked the styles of all the clothes selected.  The button down polo shirt was a little weird, but that's one of the reasons I like receiving a clothing box. However, the fit was not quite right.  The website allows you to upload photos to help with the stylists, and I really should do that to help them out.  The polo shirt and button down shirt were both too tight in my stomach.  Whitney and my scale have both promised that I have not gained any weight, so we will need to adjust accordingly.  

The wallet, funny enough, was also too small.  U.S. dollars barely fit in the bill part of the wallet, but Ghanaian cedis are a little bigger.  As you can see, the credit card part of the wallet folds over where the cedis would stick out, making it unusable.  All three items are going back.  Back to the drawing board.

So where does my relationship with Bombfell stand right now? I'm not mad about the selections, but I am a little disappointed to have to say no to 5 items.  While I don't think I'm going to cancel just yet, I might be shopping around for other men's clothing subscription boxes.  It's a little challenging because I generally have liked the designs and styles they've selected for me.  I've just had some small issues with fit and pricing recently, and I think Bombfell is still figuring me out. 

For this month's box, I rate it an 8 out of 10 on quality, a 6 on value, a 4 on appropriate for me (sizing issues), and a 5 on fun.  Bombfell, we shall try again next month. 


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