I like to eat. . . and snack.  Having a job where I'm sedentary for hours at a time increases my desire to snack. Then there is the struggle for snack food.  There aren't really any restaurants near the Embassy and we don't have vending machines.  One benefit of living in the tropics is that fresh fruit is really cheap, and I eat a lot of fruit now.  Sometimes, you just want some variety. Enter Boxtera.

Boxtera promises to solve all your "gustatory perceptions," which I think means cravings. They "offers foodies a unique way to discover, receive and snack on the best gourmet products found on the market." We decided to try the sampler box, which sells for $2.95 (shipping included).  Our box included five small bags to try: BBQ banana chips, apple cinnamon chips, southern heat, chopped dates, and cheddar quackers.  Right off the bat, I'll say I really liked most of these snacks. Let's discuss in descending order of goodness.

Cinnamon is probably my favorite flavor - it should be on the table at restaurants with salt and pepper. The apple cinnamon chips were a little heavy on the cinnamon, which was great for me but not so good for Whit.  Between the two of us, the BBQ banana chips lasted maybe five seconds.

The cheddar quackers and "southern heat" tasted a little stale. They were both comparable to mass marketed snacks. In fact, I thought the cheddar quackers tasted like stale goldfish. The southern heat had a kick to it and reminded me of a spicy chex mix. If it was fresher, I would have bumped it up higher on this list. These snacks didn't last long either, and LJ kept asking for "more ducks." Finally, the chopped dates were really sweet. It was hard to eat very many, and we ate maybe only half the bag. The flavor was okay, just a little overdone.

I'm not sure if I want to order a subscription, and Whit isn't supportive. Five full sized bags costs $24.95, although I don't know how big a full sized bag is.  Three different subscription options range from $19.95 to $49.95.  I would eat the banana chips and apple cinnamon chips all day.  

However, this box did remind me of the Seinfeld episode where Rudy Giuliani was gaining weight because he was eating fat free frozen yogurt that wasn't actually fat free.  I decided to compare the nutritional information of the cheddar crackers to Pepperidge Farm's goldfish, and, sure enough, the goldfish seemed to be slightly healthier.  So there's that, and for a company trying to sell itself as healthy, I feel a little duped.  Nevertheless, I am slightly tempted to go and buy just the individual snacks instead of a subscription box.

Overall, out of 10, on quality I give Boxtera a 5, N/A on cost (it was a sample box), a 7 on appropriate for us, and a 6 on fun.


  1. We want to thank you for your honest review. We strive to have great customer service with a great snacking experience. Would you please email us at so that we can work with you to get this review from 5 to a 10. We look forward to hearing back from you.


    PS. We have some really exciting snacking experiences that we are about to launch. We look forward to the growth at


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