So the men's version of Fabletics works exactly the same as the women's version, which Whitney recently blogged about.  I signed up, chose my workout outfit, and waited.  Pouch comes twice a week and they were charging a ridiculous fee to ship APO/DPO for some reason.  They had a lot of options, and as someone who usually prefers an old t-shirt and a pair of shorts to work out in, it was easy to find something I liked.  I don't really like bright colors and like simple designs.  So I chose one shirt and one pair of shorts for my initial Fabletics gear.

The pants were basic red and gray.  They came with an inner shell, sort of like a bathing suit but not made of mesh. What I did like was that the pockets had zippers so I could feel a little more secure if I'm running down the streets or walking to the store as its getting dark.  

I don't have much else to say about the t-shirt.  It's basic gray with some black stitching.  The shirt was comfortable and felt high quality.

Both items together cost $25 as my initial offer for joining the VIP service.  For that price, I don't think even Target would beat it.  I'm curious to see how it compares to my next offer.  

One major caveat to this review: I have not worn these clothes through an actual workout yet or ran them through the washing machine.  Damn viral infection.  We'll see how they hold up. 

But since I don't have a home gym yet (I'm looking at you StrengthCrate), I have to make do with the equipment I have.  Funny how it feels like it gets a little heavier every week.  

Overall, out of 10, I give Fabletics an 8 on quality pending workouts and washings, 5 on cost (dinged for the APO/DPO penalty), 7 on appropriate for me and 4 on fun (Sorry, I don't really find clothes fun).

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