Living abroad presents a lot of unique challenges and one I have heard complained about a lot is lack of access to home-grown or local products.  With the green movement on us we hear a lot about sourcing and buying locally.  In Ghana, that would limit me to a lot of shea and shea butter (anyone want shea butter?).  Also, we lack the access to Michael's or crafts stores to go out and do an adult craft style project.

If you are following our foray into subscription boxes you have seen my toddler do a plethora of projects, but I felt left out.  Homegrown Collective strives to deliver seasonally appropriate, curated products that deliver satisfaction of living a more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle to your doorstep each month. You will receive a DIY kit that will get you on the path to going green.

This month I received the "Above the Neck" box which was a series of self-help and beauty projects.  Other boxes (I googled) included kits where you make cheese and other at home food products. (Will be into that.)  I opened my box and sudden dread hit me.  

Not a good sign

Sadly, it would seem APO shipping was not good to my jar and it had shattered.  I reached out to Homegrown Collective and received a response that day.  Naturally they deal with broken items each month, depending on what breaks they provide partial or complete replacements. For example, should a liquid break and soil the entire box they ship a complete replacement. When a Ball Jar breaks, they ship a new Jar and offer a discount on the next box.  I had a bell jar at home, so I passed on the replacements but the gesture was MUCH appreciated. 

My kit included four fun and easy for "Whitney" to do projects.  What I LOVED about these projects were that not only were they fun to do once, but if I can locate the products on the Ghanaian economy (I know I can find coconut oil) I can even replicate some.  I think this is what the company is after

First I tackled the Make-Up Remover Pads.  For those of you who don't know I have been recently diving into eye makeup and having fun experimenting with new products.  I have also been going through A LOT of eye makeup remover.  So this was insanely perfect for me.

The project was easy and fun.  I did it in my PJs after LJ went to bed. Next was the coconut pulling chew.  I had never heard of these but made from coconut oil they are meant as a cleaning chew for your teeth and mouth.  Flavoring was added to the coconut oil and placed into lovely molds.  1) They included Cinnamon flavoring (Andrew was PSYCHED) and 2) the included this GREAT silicon star mold which I know I will reuse.  The chews are still in the freezer so I haven't tasted them yet...a little worried but will give it a go.

Next was Rose Water and Toner mist.  The kit included rosewater and aloe vera to make facial toner and a amazing rose water scented spray.  They included two recipes and one spray bottle, but HAVE NO FEAR, I had a left over from Koala Crate!! 

This spray was great, note my smelling myself.  I used it on my yoga mat this morning and it was perfect without being perfumey.  Love!  There was one more project of a charcoal mask, but the camera died.  The project was fun.  I did a test on my skin prior to doing a full mask, but I was incredibly happy it all worked out.  Added plus, its good to have some activated charcoal in our house with our moron chocolate eating dogs!

Homegrown Collective is 39.99 a month and $9 shipping, price drops to $105 for 3 months, $234 for 6 months with free shipping.  Military/diplomat discount below!

Overall out of 10, I give HomeGrown Collective a 9 on quality (the jar did break, but the team was SUPER awesome), 8 on cost (it is a pricier box), 8 on appropriate for me (I am trying to be crafty guys!) and 10 on fun.  I really enjoyed this box.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: YES!  Another Military Discount!  Homegrown Collective has won the Dubinskys' Travels Gold Award for a 15% off ALL boxes for Military and Diplomat Comminuties.  Use coupon code: Military4.  Thanks for your support Homegrown Collective.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes.


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