KinderBox: Take 2. If you don't remember, I was less than enthralled with my June KinderBox.  This one, however, is a little more, umm, manly.  This month there were no baby wipes. Instead,  I think this month's theme was a camping, or at least the outdoors.  

The box included a knife and flint stick, CamJam cord tightener, eco-warrior deodorant ("for real men"), a combination fork/spoon/knife, and bacon jam.

I've easily played with the knife the most. I'm not really a knife expert, but it looks sharp and high quality. I liked that it came with a way to make fire, which I might try in the fire pit just for fun. KinderBox is also challenging me with a survival challenge. 

They want me to take a video using only the knife, fire starter and shreddings from the box to create a fire and are offering a free KinderBox to the most creative.  If I can pull off a good one with eyebrows intact, we'll post the video here for you, our lucky readers.

The spoon was a nifty little tool that would be helpful to have if you don't want to carry three utensils.  It seems really durable, as well.  I haven't tried the bacon jam yet.  It's not something I would have bought, but I do like bacon, so there's that.  

The CamJam cord tighteners look like an easy way to use bungee cords or a tension strap.  Should come in handy if we ever actually make it on our planned camping trip - or for strapping the surfboard to the car.  The deodorant kind of smells like Old Spice and was a little strong.  I haven't put it through a full day in the tropical heat yet.  Dreadnought promises that it is an all natural, eco-friendly product and that "real men recycle."  Happy to do my part to fight climate change.

KinderBox costs $32.50 per box for a 3-month subscription.

I give this KinderBox (out of 10) an 8 on quality, 8 on cost (sample sizes all around), 6 on appropriate for me, and 7 on fun (pending injury report from fire-making video).  This box seemed to fit their "real men" theme better than the last box.  Now I just have to go out and do something outdoors besides softball and looking at birds.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: KinderBox Now offers a 10% discount for military/diplomats.  Email for the coupon code.
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