Koala Crate came on the perfect day this month.  We had a fun Wednesday off for a local Ghanaian holiday and I got to say my son's favorite new sentence "Want to do a project?"  This month's Koala Crate box did not disappoint and was full of fun activities that I actually think will be useful for a bit.

The theme this month was the Ocean!

I have to admit we lost LJ for a bit as he dove into the book.  Each month with the Koala Crate packs a highlights magazine that pairs with the craft projects.  The characters are generally the same, the Koala and the Alligator, and LJ gets lost in them each month.  For instance the "centerfold" this month has a great matching game to identify fish pairs.  If you saw our post on Hello Magazine, this is just as high quality, except no glossy pages

The first craft project combined markers, stickers and water.  These are all my 2 years olds favorites.  Together we colored fish on diffusing paper and the fun part was spraying with a water bottle (mini bottle was included).  The marker colors spread out to blend together so we watched the colors combine and talked about what colors they were forming.  Once the paper dried (which was super fast) we put on googly eyes and sparkle stickers.  LJ LOVED the Googly eyes. (Yes Mom, he is using his left hand).

The second part of the fish project was to glue the fish to cards and use a hook and pole, to fish for the fish.  We colored the fishing pole, but LJ didn't care for this part as much.  In fact, we couldn't even get a picture.  Since this was more of a game, we can try to work on it later in the work.

The last "project" was less of a craft project and more of a toy.  I would complain, but it was easily LJ's favorite part of the box.  It was a foam under the sea themed puzzle of sea creatures.  The parent guide also nicely pointed out these could be used in the bath as well.  BRILLIANT, bath time BRIBERY! In the end we had a great time doing this month's Koala Crate. 

Overall, out of 10 we give it a 8, on cost (Nana still pays), appropriate for LJ 10! and fun 7. Insert obligatory meltdown photo.  We had fun choosing which to include this month.

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