Disclaimer: We are investigating if this box was a scam.  Please do not purchase at this time.

There is a rite of passage in the foreign service for your parental units to visit.  This week my parents came from the Florida Keys to visit us and we took the opportunity to unbox with Nana.  The box was the Elementary school box on France. Now, caveat, LJ is not elementary school level, but I thought we could still enjoy the box together.

Kohla Krate includes a box full of an elementary school unit on France.  The unit included discussion points from language to holidays. In addition the box includes "french themed" items.  This box included a full book on French words, a magnet, a postcard and a set of stickers from France.

We worked through the activity book and discussed french numbers and geography.  The box included this crate paper so we went through and discussed the colors on the french flag.

Afterwards we painted and decorated the paper section of a travel mug.  The kit came with paints.  Oddly it did not include a brush, directions on the activity, and it would have been super helpful if the colors matched the flag.  However, LJ always enjoys painting and it was a blast for Nana to help out.

The box included a bag of popcorn and suggested movies.  LJ was a little young for this BUT we did find a version of Ratatouille we could watch.  We saved the popcorn for Mom and Dad to enjoy at a later date.

Overall, it was a cute box.  I really enjoyed the activity book and if LJ was a little older we would have enjoyed it all.  I was confused about why there were not directions for the activities and the popcorn seemed unnecessary.  The suggested movies though were a nice added on touch.

By far my favorite item in the box was a complete hard back of french words.  This will come in useful for us if we are ever posted to a french speaking post. However, the rest of the items seemed like small things that could be picked up at Oriental Trading or dollar stores.  I also didn't understand the postcard and magnet for small kids, they seemed very teenager ish.

Overall, out of 10, we give Kohla Krate Elementary School: France a 5 on quality, 7 on cost, 4 on appropriate for an elementary school kid and 8 on fun!

Kohla Krate is $25.00 per box! Kohla Krate has won our Gold Award for shipping APO and offering a military discount, offering month to month for $20.00 a month.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes.


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