Disclaimer: We are investigating if this box was a scam.  Please do not purchase at this time.

This post is written by a sixth grade student here at Embassy Ghana. We left her thoughts and opinions as is. In addition, her mom nicely included a write up. This post will be part of a 3 part series on Kohla Krate

This month the Kohla Krate box was on India. When I opened the box I saw many different items and immediately I could tell they would help someone understand more about the country. I found a lot more items than I expected, and they were really cool. 

I think my favorites were peacock wall stickers and a Parcheesi Game (invented in India). I thought it was surprising that there was actual food in the box, but that was neat. There was a nice hardcover book with beautiful pictures, and an interesting story. Included was a small chalkboard to make designs and Hindi tattoos. It also came with a peacock design pen and a notebook with Hindi designs and a few other small items.

The box included an information packet about the country of India.

The culture box was very interesting. I think someone who never learned anything about this country, India, could actually gain a lot if they read the packet thoroughly and did the activities. The items in the box are entertaining and the packet is stuffed with fun activities and facts. But of course, nothing is perfect. There were some things that I didn’t understand about it. For example, they had a plastic shopping bag, with no explanation for it. Because of this, I personally thought that they should have a sheet explaining all the items for the box. Overall the Kohla Krate is a great educational piece to get, and fun at the same time.

Fun: 8
Applicability: 9
Quality: 8

Parent Review: The Kohla Krate box included more items than I expected, and the quality was good. For example there was a really nice hardcover book, and a substantial packet of Indian food to try. It definitely caught my daughter’s attention right away, and after examining everything in the box, she jumped into the comprehensive educational packet to start on the activities.

At first it was hard to see how some of the items included tied to the country, but after reading each informational page, most (but not all) could be deciphered. The informational packet resembled something you would be given in school, and the pages of the packet seemed photocopied, which did not seem to match the quality of the rest of the box. However, the information and activities were good.

The other slightly odd part was seeing these “Indian” things with made in China stickers on them. Even my daughter noticed that right away. This box could take someone quite a while to work their way through if they did all the activities, and is definitely educational. My daughter would definitely be thrilled to see this arrive every month. What a great way to learn about the rest of the world.

Kohla Krate is $25.00 per box! Kohla Krate has won our Gold Award for shipping APO and offering a military discount, offering month to month for $20.00 a month.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes.


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