It's official and I am ready to say it, I miss books.  Since having the type of job that takes me all around the world and the fact (if my toddler isn't around) I can finish a book in days, I started relying on Kindle (Kindle App on Ipad).  However, in one fell swoop (dog related) my IPad plummeted to its death and now I am left reading on my IPhone, and once again I repeat, I miss books.  There is something about a dramatic completion of a book that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside and I cannot dramatically slam my USAID issued IPhone. So when I finished Red Rising (AMAZING btw), I started looking for a way to locate new and exciting real books.  Subscription box!

There are a lot of book subscription boxes out there, but I decided to begin with LitCube because I enjoyed the fact they have 1) themed based boxes 2) ALWAYS include a book and 3) are just a fun site to participate in.  Also, it's fun to be one of the beginning people in a box.  This month's theme was.. Mermaid Kisses.  Ok, not the most "Whitney" theme ever, but they can't all match me perfect.  So here's the box!

So first on the books.  Naturally, I just got the box so I have not completed the books yet.  My review will be based on GoodReads (my book bible) and my intpretation of the genre and quality.  The first book is How to be a Mermaid by Erin Hayes.  It is a YA book with a 4.39 rating on GoodReads and value of $6.99 on amazon. 
Synopsis from GoodReads: "All Tara ever wanted was to be a mermaid. So she takes a year off between high school and college to don a fake tail and tour aquariums across the country in a professional mermaid troupe. Everything's great until she meets a gorgeous real-life merman named Finn. Suddenly, what she thought was a dream turns out to be a nightmare -- she's turning into a mermaid herself. For real. Yet when she returns to the sea to seek out Finn and reverse her transformation, she finds herself in the middle of an impending war between the land and sea. Tara may have always wanted to be a mermaid, but now it's sink or swim. In order to survive, she has to learn how to be one, too."  A tad cheesy....even for me.

The second book seems to fall into the Beachbook genre, An Officer and a Mermaid with a 3.47 rating on GoodReads and $6.99 paperback/ $.99 on Amazon Kindle.

Synopsis from GoodReads: "When a slave uprising threatens the life of Syreena, the daughter of an eighteenth century plantation owner, a servant uses voodoo to transform her into a mermaid. The spell will be only broken when she returns to the beach where it was cast. After three hundred years of swimming, she’s ready to trade fins for legs. The only problem is she can’t find her way home. Dylan, a twenty-first century Coast Guard Officer, has sworn off love for the sea. When a wave throws him overboard, Syreena uses her amulet to ward off the sharks and save his life. With Syreena and Dylan stranded on a remote cay in the Caribbean, Dylan has the know-how to build a raft and navigate but his near-drowning has made him terrified of the water. Syrenna will use every charm she has to convince Dylan to take her home. Even if it means falling in love. . "

GoodReads reviewer "This is a great summer novella that blends past and present. I really enjoyed Syreena's backstory and thought the historical elements were handled nicely, without being overwhelming. With a good mix of romance and cute humor, Dylan and Syreena's connection was fun to read. It's perfect for a day at the beach!"

Also included in this month's LitCube was an insert full of information on books on mermaids, so if you are obsessed with mermaids (this is a thing apparently) you can use their suggestion list to dive in and fawn your obsession.  The photo below also shows the notepad/ journal included.  The artwork is super stunning and I ALWAYS have uses for notebooks ($4?).

The box also included some great mermaid and book themed pieces.  The first was a cute mermaid charm ($5) for those who are crazy about Mermaids.  The card also included a QR code for a free copy of Never Forgotten  (though..I would note, it is free on Amazon).

Also included was a fun book mark, which I will need since I am incapable of holding onto a bookmark.  I never read Fifty Shades of Grey (gasp), but I appreciate a good pun! ($3?)

There was also a great tote bag, perfect for carrying around...books but also the cutest beach bag ($5)!

Then the hands down HIGHLIGHT of the box for me was this bag of AMAZING FLAVORED TAFFY from Water Taffy by Zeno's. This was a great treat for me because I LOVE taffy and its not aplenty in West Africa.  For the record, and husband can vouch, this was in fact my dinner the day it arrived ($7?...for me $100).

LitCube is $21.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling and ships APO. If my calculations and ballparks are correct, the total value on this box was 37.98.  Look, my honest review is I am not passionate about mermaids, they aren't my thing, Steampunk (month before) is my thing, Vampires to some extent...Sci-Fi easy, but not so much on mermaids. So, I was a tad underwhelmed. BUT I didn't cancel.

Out of 10 I give the LitCube for July a 6 on quality, 6 on cost, 5 on appropriate for me and an 8 on fun!  LitCube ships APO and hasn't responded on a military discount.

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  1. This is so cute, oh my gosh! I'm not the biggest mermaid fan either, but I love themed book boxes!


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