I will admit it, my son has become a bit of a television addict.  This began early in life with an obsession with the Bubble Guppies and quickly has spiralled to borderline out of control.  We have only made it worse in the last couple of months by using it as a crutch when my husband and I are EXHAUSTED.  He now has 20+ favorite shows and can tell you all the characters in Paw Patrol, Tickety Tock, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and now Ducktales (this one I don't mind).

I was looking for small little non-labor intensive and easy replicable projects we could do with our son after dinner that wouldn't really need to be an "ordeal." Don't get me wrong, I love our Koala Crate, but it does take a serious amount of time to sit down and do.

M is for Monster is a box of little activities that match with a "theme for the week."  Each week includes projects for the week that match a theme.  If you need supplies for the activity they will be included, for instance this box came with Elmer's Glue.  We received the Toddler box which focuses on letter, numbers, shapes and fine motorskills. 

The first "week" was themed on the circus.  LJ got to work on counting the pom poms the clown was juggling.  He got super into this game.  He liked laying out the card and placing/ counting each pom pom.  We actually have played this several times since then.  I personally love it because its in an easy to carry bag I put in my purse for long drives or days out.

The next was a ring toss game.  LJ struggled with this one some. But Andrew was a pro!!!

The next set of projects were all about the Ocean. The first project was using sand to spell out letters.  LJ still struggled with this one, but I am super excited to continue to pull this one out.  The sand was red so it clearly stood out and he not only did the project but really like playing in the sand. The paper descriptor even told us additional books we could read, including a book on oceans which we had on our shelf!

The art project was making a seahorse.  We talked a lot about seahorses and the ocean while we did the project.  First we put glue on the seahorse, then crinkled up paper and put the paper on the seahorse. In the middle of the project, LJ looked at me and said "where's the eye?" Sadly, this package didn't have eyes, BUT we had left over from Koala Crate, so I came back eye in hand.

The final project was counting stickers.  This was a really quick one and was just putting the stickers on the paper.  LJ struggled a little with this one too. But still, anything with stickers in our house is a huge win.

The next theme was Horses:

Our first project was talking about taking care of a horse.  We discussed how you gave it a bath and washed it.  And then (using a toothbrush) brushed its main.  This was super cute and we learned about taking care of animals.

We continued on to more fun with sticker counting.  The cards are pretty simplistic printables, but LJ loved talking about each horse.  The different colors and sizes.  We chatted about small horses and big horses.  The final piece of the Horse week was a book on horses.  We are huge fans of books in this house.

The final week was about restaurants.  The projects were to create a LJ sized apron, to pretend to order with a real restaurant pad.  The last project we decided was a mommy/daddy project which was making a dry erase drawing cards to take to restaurants.

Us discussing how a good waitress takes an order :P

My conclusion on M is for Monster is that it is a GREAT box.  I love that the projects are smaller. The quality of the inputs may be slightly less than other boxes, but there over 20 activities in one box that can be done over and over, though repeat value is still under investigation.  To quote Andrew, if the tracing letters above work at a restaurant, this box would be worth it for that alone.

As a working mom, these are great evening activities that kept us, at least for this week from watching tv! Andrew was concerned that he felt some of the activities were more basic. Though we hate to compare, Koala Crate seems to us like a rainy day project box, whereas M is for Monster could be integrated into normal life.

The final point is that after the activities were all "completed" (most of which we can do again).  There is a bunch of fun craft activities left over, including glue, a hole punch, fabric markers and dry erase markers.  Given that I live in Ghana this is a huge plus.  BUT if you are worried about access clutter, this may be a downside for you.

Overall we give M is for Monster out of 10 a 7 on quality (there are a lot of home printables but they really are awesome), 9 for cost (seriously the above picture of "left overs" is worth more than the box overseas, appropriate for LJ 10 (stickers, books, counting...all spot on) and fun 10.  We didn't even have a chance to take a meltdown shot. We thoroughly enjoyed this box and can't wait until next month!

M is for Monster is $38.95 Month to Month or $42.95 for a Single Box. M is for Monster also has won our Gold Award for offering a 25% off your first purchase for the military and diplomatic communities.  Use coupon code OVERSEAS and I would suggest buying the 6 months!  It's worth it.

Fun pic of LJ showing our Ghanian guard how to brush the horse.


  1. All the quality time you are having is priceless! Such great ideas!


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