Last month, I found a new subscription box that sends you a new tabletop board game every month. Sign me up - I need to ensure I'm always operating at peak nerdiness. Game Box Monthly costs $25 for one month, $74 for three months, or $144 for 6 months (plus shipping).  Once you sign up, you have to go to to fill out a profile of the games you already own.  It felt like they were testing my nerd bona fides, but this is how GBM guarantees they don't ship you a game you already own.  I signed up just before the cutoff date for the current box, which is 10 days before the end of the month.  Boxes usually arrive in the third or fourth week of the month, and mine arrived yesterday, not bad considering our DPO's speed.

So there was lots of excitement when we got the email that DPO arrived,we had a box, and Whitney ran back from the DPO to tell me it was GBM.  This month, we got a new strategy game called Bullfrogs.

The purpose of this game is to balance and sink lily pads.  Each player has 14 frogs and two bullfrogs.  On your turn, you play a new lily pad card and move your frogs onto existing pads or other players' frogs off current pads.

Once a lily pad is full, it sinks and you redistribute and remove frogs.You get victory points for sinking a lily pad and for moving frogs onto the log tile. The game is made for two to four players, and most reviews recommend two players.  It also came with a solitaire dice version.

For $30, this wasn't a bad deal.  The game's creators really did pay close attention to details.  The meeples are made out of wood and are in the shape of a frog or a bullfrog with an axe.  Each player plays with his own deck of unique lily pads, and the art on each deck is different.  We played once so far. Whitney won, of course.  It was enjoyable, but we were kind of feeling the game out.  I wouldn't put it on the list of my favorite games yet, but it is a quick, fun, two-player game that I'm happy to add to the collection.
Overall, out of ten, I give it an 8 on quality, an 8 on cost, 8 on appropriate for us, and 6.5 on fun.  Looking forward to next month's box.  


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