Being a foreign service dog means a lot of great things.  Yesterday, our guest blogger described her experiences in Bangladesh with Barkbox.  Much like Foreign Service Officers, Foreign Service Pups have very different experiences.  Elko and Menlo have watched the change of seasons in Boston, visited the White House in DC, avoided fights with street dogs in Bangkok, moved into our parents' dogs' house in NJ, and are currently braving our very scary security guard in Accra.  Sadly, I feel living abroad has left them without some of the material comforts they enjoyed earlier in life, maybe even a tad neglected.  I can't remember the last time I bought either of them a toy, and I am certainly not braving local doggie treats.

For those of you who hadn't heard, earlier this year we were given crushing news for Elko.  Being part poodle, he is prone to getting golf ball size fatty tumors.  One got out of hand two months ago and we took him to a vet here in Accra (or, I guess it would be more accurate to say the vet came to us).  The vet told us this new one was most likely going to be cancerous and we would have to start chemo. This crushed us.  Three weeks later and one surgery later, the diagnosis was reversed and Elko appears to be fine.  We were on a mission to improve our care of our 10-year-old and 6-year-old mutts.  We are trying to be better parents.  Enter PupJoy!

PupJoy fills their monthly box with treats, small toys, and accessories from small suppliers. There are a lot of other pet subscription boxes so I was looking out for what makes this one different.

Our box arrived with all the items I would have picked up for the mutts.  Two unique toys (because one would have been crushing), a variety of types of treats, and even a high quality chew bone.

They're on to me. From the moment I opened the box, they knew something was up.  All the unboxing I have been doing and neither of them had paid me an ounce of attention. They knew!

I did some research on the companies and each of the above come from small pet conscious companies. Though the packages were a tad small for large pups, the diversity was great in the event they disliked a product...LOL!

I am going to post a couple really cute puppy playing photos, but my personal favorite item in this box was the bone from Billy Wolf.  It was incredibly high quality and has kept them both busy for really long times. I will say this about PupJoy's box, the silence in our house for the two hours they were playing was deafening.  It was beautiful. 

They each had their own favorite.  Menlo loved the the squeaker.

And Elko preferred the bone.

But the whole evening was fun packed full of sampling, and, for one night, I was the coolest Mom ever! 

PupJoy is $29 a month and ships APO and DPO. In addition, PupJoy offers a 10% discount for military and diplomatic pups stationed overseas with coupon code OVERSEAS. Also, a 6-month subscription is only $25/month and a 12-month term subscription is $23/month.

Overall out of 10 on quality I give PupJoy a 10 (I was impressed with the toys), an 8 on cost, a 7 on appropriate for my pups (only because some of the food items were smaller than would work for my pups) and 10 on fun.  Elko and Menlo are still hiding the toys from each other.  

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