Ok.  I admit it, I wish I was a prepper.  No, I dont think the world is going to end and even more importantly, I don't think there will be a financial uprising or volcano expolsion, but does it really hurt to be prepared in case? I live in Ghana, does it really hurt to be prepared for days and days without food and water.  Nope.  Though certain husbands disagree.  I reached out to the folks at SEREBOX about doing a review of their preparedness box and they complied.

SERE Box or Storage, Equip, Rescue, and Escape Box.  Their mantra is simple to be prepared and be ready to escape if need be "even from Alien Encounters."  We received the WKIT or Welcome Kit which is the beginners box to starting your collection and I have to say, it rocked.  One Large caveat to this review is that Andrew was less than impressed, to quote him "so wait its a box full of stuff we can't use."  And sadly it is, but if something happens, like the power and generator go out in Accra (or any Foreign Service post) we are prepared!

The Welcome Kit comes with everything you need to build your preparation kit and helps you by giving you inserts and lists of the items in each box.  Each box is also coded so you can quickly find anything you are looking for based on the lists.  They suggest putting together a binder.  The Welcome Kit was seriously impressive.

The Kit included packaged food and water, shower packages, bath wipes, a travel toilet and each is listed off in your packet along with how long its shelf life is.

In keeping with the mantra of the box, I didn't try or sample any of the items and will be putting it on the shelf.  The energy bars included (4) have a 4 star rating on Amazon and retail ($5). So all can continue to eat in a civilized manner amidst the zombie apocalypse they have also included plastic cutlery.

Also included were some basic survival items and things that also could be used for camping or general outdoor purposes, like waterproof matches and Boil in Bags. In the event a real emergency arises this kit included a rescue blanket made of mylar that is waterproof and protects against all weather.

Combining this with some of the survival gear in this month's Kinder Box and we are definitely lasting at least a month after the Zombie apocalypse.

Complete List of Welcome Kit Items: 
(2) Survival Meal Pouches
(4) Millennium Bars
(4) Water Pouches
(2) 10 packs of Stormproof matches
(3) Instafires Pouches
(2) MealSpec Boil Bags
(4) Zip lock bags for meals
(1) Large Solar Blanket
(1) Pack no Rinse Body Wipes
(1) No Rinse Shower Cap
(1) Travel John
(4) Utensil Kits

Overall I LOVED this box, but as Andrew reminds me here's to never having to use it!
A bimonthly subscription to the full box is $59 every 2 months, and the mini box is $19.99 a month.
Out of 10 I give this box an 8 on quality, a 10 on cost, a 6 on appropriate for me and a 3 on fun (I enjoy being prepared but the overall goal is NOT to use this stuff).
AMAZING Military Discount: SEREBox is offering an incredible 30% off discount for military and diplomat communities.  Use coupon code military30 to take advantage.  THANKS SEREBox!
Full Unboxing Video:

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes


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