When I began this deep dive into subscription boxes I was surprised by the amount of Christian based monthly subscription boxes.  But somewhere in this exploration I became overwhelmed about how little access I had to any Jewish based community or religious experiences.  I love my husband, but he is an atheist (born Jewish). When we had our son my husband was incredibly supportive of his being in the Jewish faith, but I have dropped the ball.  We sadly were never able to put together a baby naming and I definitely do the minimum around the house.  
Since getting to West Africa I noticed this even more.  I accidentally planned a trip (non-refundable) over passover and have missed celebrating all the minor holidays with my son.  I am trying to get motivated, but I have to admit its been super hard. I have done some things to motivate myself, joining FB groups and reading online resources, but I was still feeling super down and I think ultimately embarrassed.

During my exploration I came across Shalom in a Box, Judaism in a box delivered to your doorstep. Each month you receive a box of Jewish themed delight in the form of gift items, treats and cultural information that will celebrate, educate, and rejuvenate the recipient’s Jewish experience. To be honest, this is almost exactly what I personally needed.

The subscription package offers monthly themes with a targeted focus on: an adult, a college student, a family with young children, a family with older children, a dreidel collector, or someone simply looking for a cultural experience as the recipient. Based on the chosen demographic, each package will arrive containing items related to a specific month’s theme which may or may not include a holiday. Some of the theme examples on the website include: Kosher Sweets, Passover, Mezuzah, Dreidel, Jerusalem, or other cultural item or theme.

A 3 month trial subscription is offered as a taste of things to come with easy option to extend it for the recipient. There are longer subscription offers available for 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months. The price of each package is $55.00 and the value of your merchandise will range from $60.00 – $95.00 depending on the month and demographic of the recipient. The pricing includes free shipping.
Kim, at Shalom in the Box and I emailed a couple times and she nicely put together a box just for my family.  I appreciated when I saw the contents because it is a great medley.

The first items were these amazing kids books.  These were slightly more religious than PJ library but told the tale of Jewish stories amazingly.  The graphics are great too.  In addition she included a pad that was great for slipping in my purse with crayons for LJ

Next was a fun CD of Judaica music.  Actually I am listening to it as I write.  It is great mix of Jewish songs played in a classical motif.  To quote the cd it is a "contemporary piano interpreatations of music from Jewish heritage." It is perfect for background music for Shabat.  Maybe I will commit to doing Shabat this week!
The next was an item for me on the 10 commandments. has several reviews on the book and people love it giving it 4 stars.  It looks at how we can use the moral teachings of the 10 commandments in our everyday life.
The final item was an amazing keepsake.  It was a cute little piece celebrating the Ark.  For anyone who has spent 30 seconds with LJ you will know animals are his thing.  Though this was breakable we continued the discussion on the ark and how the animals went "two by two."

Overall I was taken aback by the love and care put into this box.  I believe the subscription rates are on the high end, but we got some HIGH quality products.  Overall out of 10, I give this box of family Judaica an 10 on quality, 7 on cost, 8 on appropriate for us and a 10 on fun.  This box will at the very least help me start a conversation with LJ on our religious heritage.
I think I will still struggle a lot with Judiasm abroad.  I would love any comments or suggestions!!!


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