I have previously blogged about Stitchfix, but a quick recap.  Stitchfix is an online personal shopping service reliant on boutique and lesser known brands.  A personal shopper looks at your requests, previous purchases and trends and picks 4 articles of clothing and one accessory that is right for you. 
This is great when you are abroad for a couple reasons. 1) For some reason the moment I leave the US nothing fits.  I am 5'1 and clothing is either micro size 00 or too long 2) I am not great about online shopping for work and average clothes online 3) Keeps you on trend with what is going on in the US.  I hate going back for winter break and realizing all of last years clothes is out of style.  But I loved my UGGS. :(

This month's Stitchfix was right on for me.  Sadly, the personal shopper isn't consistent so I have found its REALLY hit or miss, but this box was spot on.
The first dress in the box was the Ohara Faux Wrap Tie-Waist Dress ($68).  I really liked this and I pulled it out of the box and wore it that day to work.  Now a quick google on this reveled this is a common choice in Stitchfix boxes.
The next was an awesome Shiloh Maxi Dress ($64.00). At first I almost screamed at another Maxi Dress, did I mention I'm 5'1, but I read the card and the stylist actually wrote that she chose this one for me because normally it hangs 5" off the ground (in other words it would be a real maxi dress for me).  Renee C is another common Stitchfix brand and the price may be a tad high, but overall i like the dress and quality.

Next was the Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt ($54).  Super cute and I love the way it fit!

The nature of StitchFix is that you get a large discount if you purchase the whole box, 20%.  Now the final two items in the box did not make the initial cut and were in the bag to go back to the StitchFix. Then, I did the math.  The value of the two dresses and the skirt without discount was more than keeping all 5 would be. I own an extra shirt and purse. 

The shirt is Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee ($44).  The shirt is a cute, baggy and overpriced.  
Finally is a Demi Fold Over Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag by Street Level ($48).  It is a cute bag, but similar to another one StitchFix sent me.  But...guess its part of the collection.  I'd re gift it, but I know that person would end up reading the blog.

Out of 10 on quality I give this month's Stitchfix an 8, on cost 6, on appropriate for me 8 and fun a 9.

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