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I've been subscribed to Try the World since October 2014, and I am always ecstatic to receive a teal box full of goodies every two months.

If you are a true gourmand with wanderlust or just want a taste of different cuisines from around the world, TtW sends you a sampler box from different countries either on a bimonthly, semiannual, or annual basis. Shipping is free, returns are free, and if you decide it's not for you, cancellation is easy and without penalty.

So far, I've received a box with foods from France, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Morocco, and Argentina. The boxes also include a little booklet with explanations of the items, cultural information (movies and music), and some recipes. If you like particular items in the box, you can purchase them from the TtW website. The most recent box I received was from Buenos Aires, Argentina:

By far, the two best items in the box were these:

Bake Love Koo! Butter cookies + Doña Magdalena dulce de leche=ALL OF THE NOMS. Evidently, I couldn't wait to tear into these two babies, and oh my, do the go well together! Excuse the state of the cookie bag.

Next up is the Malbec wine marinade from Memories of Patagonia:

I tried this with some duck breast, and I was expecting it to be sweeter than it was, but it still complemented the savouriness of the duck well. Pretty tasty.

Admittedly, I haven’t opened the next three yet, but I was pretty pleased to have them in the box all the same and can’t wait to try them out. NOTE: The olive paste leaked a little in the box, hence the messed-up label.

I have never had chimichurri anything, but I like spicy and smokey, so I’m dying to put the Vanoli chimichurri on something meaty and grilled. Also, I love olives and tapenade, so the MQA Gourmet green olive paste shouldn’t disappoint. Finally, I am a bit of a tea fiend, but I’ll be saving the Chamana and Inti Zen teas for after I get through my already extensive tea stash.

Finally, the one with which I have no idea what to do:

Dulcor dulce de membrillo, per TtW, is good with goat cheese or on top of toast. It does seem to have a bit of a jamlike texture, so perhaps I shall try it at breakfast one day.

Overall, I give 
Try the World a 9/10 – deduction only for the olive paste leak and the dulce de membrillo (that I may turn out to like anyway). Interested? Start your subscription with the following referral link:

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