For this who may recall, in last month's Wantable Accessories I was on the fence if this box was right for me and worth the money.  I am still on the fence, but I was impressed by two of the items in this box.

I was really impressed by the simplicity and versatility of the Jannette Silver necklace.  Though it is just a set of simple silver circles it looked great on and has worked with several shirts.  Small and simple but great for work or play!

The accessories going back this month was another couple of tween items that just didn't work for me.  First was another set of "Claire's like" earrings which I just don't love.  The main reason I was perturbed by receiving them is because I 1) got a similar pair last month and 2) returned said pair.  I want wantable to get to know me a little better, but I am just not seeing that yet in accessories.

In addition to the earrings, I got this bracelet, which I can only imagine is trendy in the 12-14 range.  It was cute but just not remotely appropriate for me.

I was however super happy to get these Lauren sunglasses.  I refuse to purchase expensive sunglasses because as you may have seen I have two rambunctious dogs and a toddler.  No point in purchasing the on trend $300 Coach sunglasses.  Therefore, I was happy to get another pair of sunglasses.  They do sell them on the street here in Accra, but these were different and a tad more...chic. (Look at me trying to avoid being in the reflection and failing.)

Wantable Accessories is $40 a month and you can return whatever you don't want for credit (which works out well if you have two other Wantable sets, like me). 

Overall this Wantable Accessories box was out of 10, 6 on quality, 8 on cost, 5 on appropriate for me, and 6 on fun (I did like the sunglasses a lot).

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