After my Birchbox was EPICLY rejected from pouch this month, I was ELATED to see my Wantable Makeup box.  Granted Wantable (unlike Birchbox) nicely supports APO shipping but also provides full size makeup.  I had received a lot of mascara and eyeliner previously so I adjusted my settings.  This month I got four fantastic items.

I liked this box a lot because it wasn't just stuff I liked once I got it, but two of them were things I had been wishing I had. Wantable did a great job of diversifying this month.

The first was the blue palette Luminous Eye Shadow from Doucce which according to their website retails for $35? They are basically matte with a fun hint of glistening. These are great for summer nights out.

The next was a lip cream for Beauty for Real in Really Red.  The color was exactly  that.  REALLY Red.  Unlike other glosses this cream went on really smooth and wasn't remotely sticky.  According to the website it retails at $22.

My favorite one in the box and the one I have already worn three times is the Manna hydrating and priming eyeshadow wand in Enchanted color. This is quick and easy to put on and now will the "nothing" I put on on days I can't get out of bed. The website says it costs $24.

Last, but certainly not least, was a Double Eyeshadow Brush from Erin's Faces.  We have seen the brand in the box before and they support a Vegan and Animal Cruelty free line of cosmetics.  The brush is synthetic and Erin's Faces charges $22.

Ok, so if we assume all the products websites are estimates for the value, combined was $103 and I paid $40.  WOW.  Great box this month Wantable.

Out of 10 on quality I give this box an 8, on value 10, appropriate for me 8 and fun 10.  Out of the park this month Wantable!

*Pot is from Ko Kret island in Thailand.  It was once the home of this beautifully crafted pottery, sadly now it is overwhelmed by cheap souvenirs from Thailand. You can read our blog post on it here.

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