Setting up the unboxing portion of our website has been an incredibly amazing experience.  We have been given the opportunity to sample unique products, but one of the most rewarding experiences has been interacting with the companies and entrepreneurs who started them.  Whether we are familiarizing them with APO shipping or discussing military/diplomat discounts, we have met and worked with many dedicated people and made some new friends along the way.  However, we found our friends at War Foodie have been among the most inspiring.

War Foodie was founded by military foodies that found that poor food quality and selection added an unnecessary stress to deployment. They committed to creating a company that brings great food care packages filled with delicious American food to those who are deployed and serving overseas.

WarFoodie was one of the first subscription box websites I found. I was really excited because our projects naturally complement each other.  For the last couple of weeks, we have worked with the owner to create a product with a shipping model that is perfect for military and diplomatic families overseas. WarFoodie sent us our first box for review, and I was really impressed with the amount of care that went into the packaging.

WarFoodie (similar to ThriveMarket and DonkeyCart) allow you to chose the type of items for the subscription box and they switch out types and flavors.  We allowed WarFoodie to chose our items for us, and they definitely knew us well: coffee, gluten-free (for Whitney), and an item with cinnamon in the name (for Andrew). 

As I write this post, I am enjoying a cup of the Costa Rican coffee roasted in San Diego.  Its a good coffee with a mild taste to it. In fact, Andrew noticed all the products were from San Diego.  I followed up with the owners on this and they said they prioritize local and small businesses they meet at farmer's markets. 

The products were each high quality.  The granola tasted great with the flavor from dried cranberry really popping. The pieces were large, and LJ was able to eat them without making a mess. The peanut butter was creamy and delicious with cinnamon flavor for the win.  We haven't had the chance to BBQ with the Pineapple Habanero sauce, but good BBQ sauces are nonexistent in this corner of the world.

Over all we were really impressed with the presentation and quality of the items in the box. Each item costs $7.50, and you can chose the items that interested you.  Though the price is higher than some supermarket brands, you are only buying premium items from small businesses that WarFoodie finds at their local farmers markets. We look forward to more options and types of food from WarFoodie

We have a special deal for our readers. WarFoodie understands that we (Foreign Service Officers) are their key audience and want to ensure that we can use and enjoy their service.

Shipping is normally $15, however, for their military/diplomatic discount WarFoodie is offering two unique coupon codes:
  • Use coupon code (at checkout) for $5 off shipping every month (for 3 month intervals):  3CHEERS (a $15 value)
  • Use coupon code (at checkout) for 1/2 off shipping every month (for 6 month intervals): STRIVEFORSIX (a $45 value)

This company was founded by veterans supporting active duty military so we encourage you to look into this service.  And now that I have finished my cup of coffee, I give it my resounding seal of approval.

Also, if you are not abroad, there is a great donate a box option that allows you to send a box to the troops!! Send the gift of food and support the troops!

We recognize that Warfoodie is a new company and just acquiring their products. We give Warfoodie out of 10 a 7 on quality, 6 on cost, 6 on appropriate for me and 5 on fun.

Side note, LJ is used to the boxes coming in the mail having something for him and had hoped to have something in this one.  However, Andrew came up with a great idea. We got all his polar bear and penguin figurines and we "played in the snow."


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