First off, I have to admit, I LOVE Adore Me. It is definitely one of my favorites.  I have written in other posts about how unlikely it is abroad to buy PJs or loungewear.  It is even rarer to buy something sleek and satin just to sleep in. (Apologies these pics are less than great, but I took our nice camera to Northern Ghana and Andrew shot all of these with his phone).

How it Works: For those reading about AdoreMe for the first time, it is a monthly subscription that offers you a showroom to choose from monthly.  You choose by the 5th of the month between lingerie, lounge wear, swimsuits, and undergarments.  Last month, I couldn't decide what I wanted.  There were two outfits that seemed my type so I was elated to see this set in my show room again.

I got this amazing camisole and shorts combo that has fun lace all over it. Sadly, I can't try them on while away (I return to the family tomorrow).  This set was $39.95, but I decided to choose one of the more expensive sets this month.  It has seemed like each month AdoreMe does include a freebie.  This month it was this cute blue thong.

One odd note, not sure what happened in DPO/APO land but this box GOT DESTROYED.  Thank goodness it was just clothes and not jars of food, but this box went through HELL.

Overall on out of 10 quality I give this month's AdoreMe an 8, cost 6, appropriate for me 8 and fun 8.

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