One thing that I have truly enjoyed about subscription boxes is that they push me to do things that I might possibly enjoy but haven't thought to do in Ghana.  When I got my outfit from Fabletics, all I wanted to do was more Yoga.  The same thing happened with My Bakers Box.  I hadn't done any baking or even much cooking since we got here since we have a housekeeper/cook, and I am not all that good at it.  However, My Bakers Box inspired me. 

My Bakers Box is a monthly box focused on providing the utensils for 2/3 baking products that go with the season.  This month was beach themed.

The box included the pieces to make beach ball cake pops, sea themed cupcakes, and bikini cookies.  The bikini cookies were cute, but slightly creepy.  Naturally, Andrew asked if I would be making boobs and anatomically correct....lady parts. Specifically for the cake pops there was a "pop shaper" and sticks, as well as the sprinkles to make the various colors.

For the cupcakes, the box included blue cupcake holders, candy pebbles, and the cute animal toppers.

Yesterday, on our Friday half day, we decided to tackle the Sea Buddy cupcakes. It was a blast, but the most fun was watching our Ghanaian Nanny and Housekeeper participate in making cupcakes "American style."  It was hilarious how impressed they were that all the flour and sugar was in the ready made boxes.  Cake and brownie boxes are a must for folks abroad!

Together we made the cupcakes and discussed with LJ how to mix and make the homemade frosting blue for the ocean. The candy pebbles included in the kit were MUCH bigger than the ones in the their demo pic so I tried to cut them up so my toddler could eat them but they lost their effect.  However, since I am gluten free, they were a nice dessert treat for me :P

Everyone had a blast and they came out super cute!!!  I am going to give the cake pops a go tonight and I will post photos if they aren't a disaster. Though I see a pinterest fail pic in my future. 

I do have a couple of complaints about the box.  First, I was a little disappointed not to get all the pieces to make the beach ball cake pops.  Not sure what I am going to do without the white candy melts, but I will have to figure something out.  Also, the cupcakes came with only enough to make 6 cupcakes, and frankly when baking, who makes 6?  12 maybe, but usually 18/24.  Also it would have been nice to have the blue dye for frosting.

My Bakers Box is $25 for one month, $66 for three months, $114 for 6 months and $228 for 12 months.

Overall, out of 10, I give My Bakers Box a 6 on quality for the complaints above, 8 on cost (I think the price point was spot on), 9 on appropriate for me (I can't get any of this here in Ghana) and 10 on fun.  My family had a blast making the cupcakes and LJ and Margaret LOVED eating them.

MILITARY/DIPLOMAT DISCOUNT: My Bakers Box has offered a $5.00 off all subscriptions for military and diplomatic communities with the coupon code MILBOX at checkout. Thanks My Bakers Box.


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