My monthly Bombfell arrived last week.  Bombfell has been on my list of boxes to possibly cancel, and I might now move onto a different clothing box (If anyone has had a good experience, please let me know).  Customer service-wise, Bombfell has been great.  They get APO/DPO and give grace periods for returning clothing from overseas. However, I've been disappointed by pricing and variety.

I usually ask for four to five items a month.  Of those, I think I have never kept more than two.  This month, I asked for five items and they only shipped two.  My stylist explained: "I know you requested more items, but I wanted to send you these styles that I think would really work for you."  I really have no idea what that means.  

The first item was this 7 Diamonds Carnegie Band Collar SS Tee for $49.  This shirt was supposed to "update my basics."  Now, this shirt did fit me perfectly, was extremely comfortable, and something that I really liked.  The problem was that I can only really wear it on weekends, and it was way overpriced.  I found it for $45 online, but I feel like I can walk into any store and buy something comparable for half of that.

The other item was an Original Penguin Daddy-O polo shirt for $55.  Again, the shirt fit well and was a fine shirt.  Original Penguin is a British Company.  They have similar polo shirts on their website for the equivalent of $35 to $70.  I felt like this shirt was on par with polos from the Gap.  My other problem with the order is that I just bought a green polo shirt in June.  If I'm trying to diversify, I don't want to receive a shirt comparable to one I bought two months ago.

For this month's box, I rate it a 5 out of 10 on quality, a 4 on value, a 7 on appropriate for me, and a 3 on fun. This might be the end, Bombfell.


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