Before my son, I was a bookaholic.  I would burn through at least two a week of all genres and types.  And then I had a child.  Sadly, time that had been spent leisurely reading a book was overcome by life.  Recently, I discovered that I could read again.  My son is 2.5 and can easily play quietly for periods of time.

Amazing I thought, TIME to READ!  And then I looked at my bookshelf and it was empty.  A downside of the foreign service is that we are limited in weight, and it's really hard to justify spending weight on books, especially in the Kindle era. I started reading more and more on my tablet (before it met destruction) and I was left with my phone.  And then I realized I missed the feeling of books.  Given my new exploration into unboxing, I thought I would check out other book boxes.  My review of LitCube, which was less about the books and more about a book and theme, today I am reviewing BookCase.

BookCase is really more like BookEnvelope.  It is a monthly subscription that sends you a book based on a review profile.  I answered a couple questions about my favorite genres (there were only a couple of options).  Frankly, I was surprised about how little they asked about what I had read.

Yesterday, A Separate Peace arrived in a brown envelope.  It was a used version.  The site does say that they will do both new and used books so I wasn't terribly surprised it was used.  However, the service for BookCase is $8.99 a month, and I can get A Separate Peace on Amazon NEW for $6.67.  Now I know we run into this with sub boxes, but that is a large difference for a USED book. 

In terms of the book, I haven't read it yet and the description sounds like something I would enjoy (4 stars on Amazon; 3.55 on Good Reads). Though it is entirely possible I read it in middle school.  I was surprised by the selection because I indicated that I mostly liked sci-fi, fantasy, and those types. This book is historical fiction.  Perhaps they want me to try something new?

Overall, out of 10, I give BookCase a 3 on quality, a 3 on cost, 4 on appropriate for me and 6 on fun.  I am going to give this service one more month and then I plan on canceling.


  1. That is a bummer. I guess you have to figure in shipping though? For a non-prime member, at least. There's some value in the curation, but that is a big difference!


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