Lately, we haven't shared much about our behind the scenes dealings with companies, but personally I have been spending a lot of time helping companies and tweaking business models for subscription boxes to inform them and help them adapt to APO shipping. This has included 10-15 emails discussing how to do customs forms and helping construct military discounts.  It has been an interesting and enlightening experience. If I had to pinpoint the hardest situation with the most patient and amazing customer service, it would be Bookroo.

Bookroo is a children's subscription box that provides incredibly unique and high quality books for kids.  My first delivery from BookRoo included the below two books, which so far my toddler adores.

The first was Dream Away by Julia Durango ($10.34 4.5 stars on Amazon).  From author Julia Durango and new illustrator Robert Goldstrom, it is a story of the dreams that are possible as you drift to sleep. A father and son venture into a dream and encounter some new and familiar faces and along the way discover the possibilities the universe can hold.  The illustrations are STUNNING.

The second book we got this month was the Bear Who Shared by Catherine Rayner ($10.64 4.5 stars on Amazon). "Norris the bear has been waiting patiently for the last ripe fruit to fall from the tree. But Tulip the raccoon and Violet the mouse have too . . . although maybe not so patiently. In fact, Tulip and Violet sniff, listen to, and even hug the fruit. Norris catches the fruit when it finally falls, and because he is a wise bear, he shares it and makes two new friends."

We have been working a lot on sharing in our house so its quite appropriate for my son's age and timing.

Now, the backstory here is that in order to profit BookRoo uses Media Mail.  Sadly, we discovered together the hard way media may and APO shipping do not get along.  My first shipment fell into a deep abyss and neither of us have found it.  The second to our pouch address did sadly take a month, but I really do think this service was worth the wait. Also, the team at Bookroo is amazing!

Bookroo is 19.99 a month, 59.99 for 3 months, $104.99.  I think the best part of this service is that it provides the opportunity to locate new books.  I definitely think investing in the multi month subscriptions is the only way to have the financials work out.

Overall out of 10, I give Bookroo a 10 on quality, 7 on cost (combined value of $21.88), 10 on appropriate for LJ and 8 on fun!


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