Kids grow fast, like SUPER fast.  In a blink of an eye LJ gained 4 inches.  Keeping him clothed for last year hasn't been too rough given grandparents, but as he takes off in size I am struggle to stay up to speed.  As an American abroad, we have to struggle to anticipate what our kid will be like in 2 to 6 months to ensure the clothing is ready.  When I came across FabKids, I decided this could be the perfect solution to my issue.

Much like other subscription boxes in its parent company (Fabletics, F2 etc.), FabKids offers the user a once a month showroom of high quality apparel at reduced rates.  Each month you chose your outfit and its shipped to you.  The system remembers the sizing for your little one so you also aren't struggling clicking through outfits that don't work.

This was my showroom from August.  I love that they show you outfits and sizing specific for your kid.  The obvious downside for us is that the seasons of apparel will match the US.  So we are seeing pants and long sleeved shirts, which will not work in Ghana.  I imagine if you are in cold places the reverse would be a problem.

I was very please with the quality of the items when they arrived.  I got LJ a T-Shirt and Pants combo that are super cute.  Andrew also really liked the guitar.  Added perk.

FabKids gives you half off your first outfit and I managed to get this set for $4.95!! Woot Woot.  However, like Fabletics, F2 etc. FabKids does NOT offer APO shipping.

Overall I give this month's FabKids out of 10, a 7 on quality, 9 on cost (next month's prices go way up), 7 on appropriate for LJ and 7 on fun.  I do like subscriptions that let you do shopping but don't overburden with options.

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