I think I am prepared to say Fabletics is one of, if not my favorite subscription service for me.  I workout probably 5 days a week either running, weight lifting and/or yoga.  A new wrench in my routine is that there isn't a locker room in the embassy gym, so I have the honor of walking through my office in workout clothes.  Good-bye dingy t-shirt and pants with holes.  Thank goodness for Fabletics.
Each month as a Fabletics VIP you are offered a showroom of pieces that changes each time you log in. You pick the outfit that you like at a reduced rate. This month I picked their Cope Bra, Tennyson Pullover and Salar Crop Pant (out of the Stash collection)$69.95

This month Fabletics had a fun limited addition from Stash Graffiti artists and I fell in LOVE with this pant. The colors are awesome and they look great on. For those of you who sent me messages last month about how the clothes held up, the answer is great. For runners, the major issue with pants is the top looses elasticity and I had zero problems after multiple washes for the other pair.

The next item was the Cope Bra.  The picture online didn't really show much of the inside so its always iffie on the fit of a sports bra, but LOVED this one.  The bra is tight and is PERFECT for running.  Now, the sports bra isn't the best for Yoga as the layer at the top lacks the elastic needed, but I will still get a lot of use out it.

The last item was the top.  Now this intrigued me.  What I couldn't tell when I selected it was that the top was made out of a sweatshirtesque material. The tank is too tight in my opinion to actually work out in, but will make a great cover up when going to and fro yoga classes.

I am SUPER happy with this month's Fabletics, and as you can see have already been actively using them. Overall out of 10, I give Fabletics a 10 on quality, 8 on cost, 8 on appropriate for me and 9 on fun (loved the graffiti collection option).

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