Since starting our "fun with subscription boxes", I have been on an endless search of my personal perfect box.  In my head that is something that I jump with joy each month it arrives and is made of of things that are perfect for me.  I have tried a couple of the nerd boxes and am continuing with makeup and clothing.  The latest attempt to find the sub box sweet spot was Fandom of the Month. (Full Unboxing video at the end)

Fandom of the Month is an easy inspired box of small homemade jewelryesque pieces that are all linked to a specific "fandom."  For those of you new to this word its a following to a book, tv or movie series.  This month it was based on the Suzanne Collins and Jennifer Lawrence series Hunger Games.

This may be sad, but my favorite item in the box was this Hunger Games mini bag.  "If we Burn You Burn with Us" was  District 13's mantra in the third book/ last two movies.

The items in the box were cute.  The first was a set of earrings and necklace.  The earrings ($2.50) were white roses, which for those of you who know the Hunger Games was the flower that President Snow wore to mask his blood smell.  The necklace was three charms on a long chain.  The first the same rose, an arrow representing Katniss and the mockingjay representing the revolution and ultimately the franchise for the Hunger Games. The necklace charms are cute and clearly on theme but the quality of the clasps and chains was pretty poor ($5)

The next item was a thick and somewhat large ring that read "Real or Not Real."  Fans may recognize this as the loving words uttered between Katniss and Peeta at the end of the book.  The material is a light weight kind blah fake silver and the sizing was huge.  It didn't fit my thumb ($4).

The next was a bracelet. I loved the concept of this.  Those notes, I believe, are the notes for the key song behind whistled by Katniss that became the theme behind the movie franchise.  I like the sea of the notes on the bracelet.  But once again I feel that the bracelet is cheapish and I have a hard time thinking of a place to wear it ($5).

Fandom of the Month is $13 a box, $35 for three boxes and $66 for six months. It ships to APO/DPO. It is a cute box with cutesy jewelry.  It may be more appropriate for die hards or tweens.  Sadly, I continue my search for the perfect nerdy box.

Overall out of 10, I give August Fandom of the Month a 5 on quality, 8 on cost (costed out close to $17.50), 6 on appropriate for me and 7 on fun.  I am not canceling yet, but not sure about having many of these lying around.


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