I'm a nerd.  I own it.  I face it.  I will not honestly admit how many nerd boxes have arrived at our DPO address this month.  Nope. Won't do it.  I will always have a special place in my heart for the lovely ladies at FanMail.  A nerd box made for women by women, I get super excited to see what these crafty ladies come up with!

This month's box is Out of This World, which I interpret to mean any space themed show.

First from the world of Dr. Who was a Tardis shopping bag and a spinning Tardis Pendant. Doctor Who Tote Bag ($7.35) from Underground Toys is big and functional.  I will look lovely at Ghanaian Market day.  However, I am not a Dr. Who person.  More stuff for a box for Margaret~!

The pendant ($2.34) is pretty weighty though overall I found the jewelry in this box not exactly wearable unless to some sort of comic book event or convention.  You hear that Accra, time for your own African Comi-Con.

I really liked the T-Shirt ($15?) and thought it was super creative.  It is a list of curse words from a bunch of different genres and space themed shows. Frell (Farscape) & Gorram (Firefly) & Poodoo (Star Wars) & Shtako (Defiance)& Mik'ta (Star gate) & Frak (Battlestar Galactica) are all great alternatives to some of the four letter words I utter in front of my kid.  Its a great fit and fabric.

The box also included a ring with the alien ($1.86) from Alien vs. Predator. In addition were these cute buttons from the 100, a new show, and Firefly.

Fanmail enjoys their fun craft projects, so they included for us this month oragami paper and QR codes for making animals from Firefly. (THEY WAY OVERESTIMATE MY SKILL)  Also they included this imitation "Docking Permit" for the Enterprise.  It was fun. Also included was a plastic bug from farscape, but it disappeared before photos were taking....I am blaming the 2 year who loves bugs.

Fanmail is $21.99 + $6 shipping and ships APO/DPO.  

I was underwhelmed with this box, but do look forward to the boxes to come. I am not ready to give up yet! From the Fanmail Ladies "The theme is “Super Sheroes”!! We will celebrate some of the #badasswomen and girls who protect our (fictional) universes!"

Overall out of 10 on quality I give the box a 5, on cost 6 (I totaled the value at 29.55), appropriate  for me 8 and fun 8.  For full unboxing videos and to get to know me a little better check out the below!


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