Last month, I was quite impressed with the box and the goal of Homegrown Collective. This month, I was even more impressed. Homegrown Collective promotes a green and sustainable lifestyle by showing its subscribers how to do quick and affordable small projects which will to make them more self sufficient. Each month is themed around either a project or product. Last month was about beauty products and this month was SOAP MAKING. (Full Boxing video at the end of the post)

The box came with all the necessities to make your own soap bars by demoing a wide variety of options and inputs. Not only did it provide you with three types of soaps to work with and the squares, but also provided dried herbs, cocoa, shea butter and the essential oils for scents.

The first soap I made was the Rosemary mint soap with a goat's milk base.  The goat's milk bar was easy to work with and with the jar in the kit you can easily melt it down in the microwave (which I did and didn't blow up the house!)

I added a WHOLE bunch of rosemary (because I love rosemary) and the peppermint oils. In addition, I cut a part of the loofa they included and put it in the mold.

The above was the finished product.  I did only use half the goat's milk because I wanted to change up the variety and still be able to demo one of each for our audience. The next was a Cocoa Chocolate Soap.

This recipe combined cocoa (a huge bag was included), the shea & cocoa butter pictured above, and I added peppermint oil.  This recipe called for the white soap bar.  

The final bar was a charcoal soap that I decided to make more appropriate for my husband by making it dark BLACK (by using the clear soap) and adding a lot of the sandalwood scent to offset the charcoal.  I have to say I felt like a witch combining a potion on this one. "Adding a dash of this and a dash of that."

The final step was to let the three bars sit out for 7 hours and harden. So quick and so easy. My only criticism at all of this months box would have been that I would have liked to get a couple extra bar making plastics so I could do more at once. Overall it was a fun craft project for me and I really enjoyed it. I am also going to check out if I can buy goats milk soap in the markets here in Accra to continue to replicate some of the recipes

Homegrown Collective is 39.99 a month and $9 shipping, price drops to $105 for 3 months, $234 for 6 months with free shipping.  Military/diplomat discount below!

Overall out of 10, I give HomeGrown Collective a 9 on quality, 8 on cost (it is a pricier box), 9 on appropriate for me (who doesn't like artsy soaps) and 10 on fun.  I really enjoyed this month's box.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: YES!  Another Military Discount!  Homegrown Collective has won the Dubinskys' Travels Gold Award for a 15% off ALL boxes for Military and Diplomat Communities.  Use coupon code: Military4.  Thanks for your support Homegrown Collective.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes.


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