M here again, catching up on unboxing reviews after a lovely R&R in the green, green hills of Scotland. All I took with me makeup-wise was a lipstick and 2 bits from the last Ipsy 'Glam Bag' - the eyeshadow crayon and the eyeliner. So, Ipsy's next in getting their review. I'm still waiting for the August pouch, but in theory it should be here soon, as they ship towards the end of the month.

As a reminder, Ipsy is a $10/month makeup sample subscription service. You take a little quiz at the beginning that asks about your makeup use, preferences, etc. and then you get a sparkly pouch of 4-5 sample size makeup/skin/hair items. Do note, there isn't a 'I hate this no no no never send it' button, so you can't 100% control what they send you. You are asked to review the products once you get them both a) to hopefully improve their choices for you next time and b) to, presumably, help Ipsy get more samples by providing market data to their clients/suppliers. Reviewing the products also gets you Ipsy points, which you can use on their site. Ipsy also runs deals on various full size products on their website. NB: The referral links on this review get me Ipsy points if I decide to splurge on pretties.

July's sparkly fuchsia mailer was waiting for me when I got back from my trip, like a welcome-home gift. Sadly, this month's selection wasn't as spot on for me as last month's, despite leaving detailed reviews of everything on their site. The pouch contained:

  • Coolway Beachy Salt Spray - (0 out of 5) - Umm, no. My hair is a wild mess already, and you want to make it more crazy? Still, I tried it, and it wasn't particularly effective against my hair's stubborn personality.
  • Be A Bombshell Lip Balm -  (3 out of 5) - The color on this doesn't show up on me at all, but it does go on smoothly - tossed into the purse for those days when Africa tries to suck the moisture out of me (so, daily).
  • Nicka K New York Eyeshadow Quad - (4 out of 5) - 3 of the 4 colors are something I'd wear, so not bad, but not as fun as the scribble-on-my-eyelid crayon from last month
  • Pūr~lisse Soymilk Cleanser - (0 out of 5) - Used as directed, face didn't feel any cleaner and still had mascara residue everywhere...
  • Tarte Waterproof Bronzer - (? out of 5) - I don't use bronzer, so I can't really judge if it's all that good or not. This is where the 'don't ever send me this stuff' button would come in handy.
Verdict: Ipsy didn't really nail it for me this month, and there were other options in the wider spectrum that I would have preferred to receive. However, the little zip pouch is handy, the eyeshadow mostly works for me, and I go through a lot of chapstick. So, meh. No grand celebration but no reason to cancel quite yet. Besides, next month's looks a bit more interesting.
  • Value for money: 6 out of 10 - I'd pay $6 for the eyeshadow, chapstick, and pouch if I felt I needed them, or was bored at Target...
  • Quality: also 6 out of 10 - wasn't impressed with the cleanser, but the other bits seem to be decent quality
  • Fun: 5 out of 10 - having 2 things that I knew straightaway weren't going to work for me (hair stuff and bronzer) was annoying, especially seeing things others got in theirs
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