We originally reviewed Japan Crate because some readers requested it.  We intended to only do one, but then we forgot to cancel on time.  We decided to invite our previous testers back over for another game night (7 Wonders in case you were curious) and sampling of weird Japanese snacks.

Something happened along the way.  This box was a lot less weird and was something we were looking forward to.  It was kind of fun to see what they might send our way.

First up was MarioKart gum.  Love the game; the gum was meh.  It reminded me very much of the gum that was included in packs of Topps baseball cards in the early 90s.  Stale at first, then a little flavor, and quickly back to no flavor.  For added fun, the packaging made it look like a bunch of condoms.

These soda candies might have been our favorite in the box.  They are hard candies with a liquid, fizzy center.  The bag had five flavors: cherry, orange, grape, and cola.  

The next snack was basically goldfish with chocolate filling.  They were good.  Not very exotic, but good.

This box also included a wafer.  Same review as the goldfish: very good but not very exotic.

As if they knew Whitney, Japan Crate included a bag of cotton candy with some kind of jelly filling.  It was grape flavored and a little sour.  

Next, there was a box of candies similar to Everlasting Gobstoppers. The box was amusing. You pushed down the top and the cartoon's pants dropped.

Finally, there was a box of pretzel sticks.  I thought these would like the Pocky snacks.  Again, they tasted good, but felt very Westernized.  As you can see, we combined Irie Mon Box, Japan Crate, and game night.  

There was also another DIY snack project, but we haven't had the chance to have LJ play with it yet. Overall, out of 10, I give Japan Crate a 7 on quality, 5 on cost, 5 on appropriate for me, and 8 on fun.  I still would not order this just to have Japanese snacks in the house.  I'll admit, though, it was fun to have some friends over, crack open the box, and see what weird stuff was included even if this box was a little less adventurous.


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