Sunday in our house is "Project day" and on weeks we get a Koala Crate, it's Koala Crate Day! LJ and I have really enjoyed our crates in the past and have had a blast playing under the sea and with cityscapes. This month's theme was colors.

The box contained two activities and a scavenger hunt kit. The first activity was to create a triangle banner for the wall.  According to the activity, we were meant to first color the triangles.  The kit came with a great set of jumbo crayons that LJ was easily able to hold onto.

Even Andrew got into the coloring!  Afterwards, the directions told us to to paint with watercolors over the crayons.  This was good because we could discuss how the colors combined to make new colors.  And how each color combination made a NEW Color.  Sadly for us, LJ got frustrated with the watercolors really fast.

The box also came with additional cards with pictures of items and corresponding colors to fill in with either the paint or crayons.

The next activity was a fun scavenger hunt. We rolled the included soft die and each had to "race" to find an item of that color.  We use the included "light screens" as our base.  It was fun discussing and finding items of the assigned colors.

The highlight in our house was when Menlo (our dog) dropped the below next to LJ when we were hunting blue items. Despite his color blindness, he won that round.

The screens included were also interesting to hold up to the light and talk about colors.  Sadly they were a little too think to use as filters and light didn't pass through them as well as in this photo. This Koala Crate wasn't as great as previous, but it was still a blast for a Sunday project day!

Overall, out of 10 we give this month's Colors Koala Crate a 7 on quality, on cost (Nana still pays), appropriate for LJ 10! and fun 7. 


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