In my previous post, I wrote about how home sick for Texas I had been.  In general, I found My Texas Market fun, but not a feeling of home.  This box did not disappoint and I felt the Texan right away! Thanks My Texas Market!

My Texas Market is a Houston-based subscription box that relies on and supports Texan small businesses.  In addition, it warms my heart that 10% of their proceeds go to the Houston Food Bank.  I LOVE that they are giving back!

The box and the items didn't disappoint.

First off was the Bravado Spice Co's Jalapeño Green Apple Hot Sauce ($7.00).  A taste of home with both a sweet and spicy feel to it. Looks good. Smells good. Will have to do some grilling this weekend.

Next was this koozie from Stateline Designs ($5.00). Andrew and I read through each one of them and it was fun explaining the fun phrases and references to singers and songwriters.  Some of these will not make sense to the non-Texan in your life, and some may be a little hard to read.  Still, Beyonce and JJ Watt on the same beer koozie is entertaining.  Bonus, Texas meets Club Beer (or Andrew's homebrew) is a nice cultural combination. 

Next was SALSA!!!!  This jar was from Salinas ($7.50). It is amazing here in Ghana to get a non-Tostito brand salsa.  The hot scared me, but Andrew tasted and was impressed.  Now all I have to do is find quality tortilla chips here that don't cost $8 a bag (mental note: start planning consumables shipment).

The box also contained a small bag of caramel candy from Dallas Caramel Company ($7.00)in three flavors: original, bacon, and chipotle. These were really enjoyable.  The flavors didn't really come out so much, but they were definitely there. For example, there was a hint of bacon, but it didn't overpower the caramel.  It could have been stronger.  Nevertheless, these lasted about three seconds.

Also included was Shade Tree Lotion Bar from Eco-Topia ($8.00) and these bronze heart earrings (Annarees - $10.00).

I haven't tried the lotion yet, but I am really digging the earrings.  They're a good casual, nonformal heart earrings. 

Overall, out of 10, on quality I give this box an 8, on cost 7, on appropriate for me 9, and on fun a 10.  My Texas Market is $35.00 a month with a reduction to $100 for 3 months and $195 for 6 months.  

My Texas Market won the gold award from the Dubinskys' Travels for offering a 10% discount for military, veteran, and diplomat communities with coupon code MILITARY10.

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Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes


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