I am an 80s movie addict. It's a problem I am very much aware of that I need to seek help.  However, very few movies remind me of my childhood more than Ghostbusters 2.  I have countless memories of watching it with my brother. So I WAS super excited for this month's Nerdblock. (Full unboxing video at the end of the post).

The NerdBlock folk entitled this month's box "Summer Mixtape" which I took to mean we are going to combine a bunch of stuff and hope it all works out.

The first FANTASTIC lunch box.  I suggested sending my three year old to school with hit and my husband pointed out, I CAN use it for MY lunch.  YAY!  All a ploy to get me to stop purchasing my lunch. This was a NerdBlock Exclusive so I estimate the price around ($12).  Inside the lunchbox was SLIMER!  This was a very cartoony version of SLIMER and I HOPE not a foreshadowing of the look to him in upcoming movies.  LJ is going to love it, but for him I will most likely call it a "monster." ($4?)

ALSO included was this great shirt!  Have to say I am super impressed with NerdBlock's shirt choice. I loved that its a throw back to 80s Ghostbusters and I am SOOO going to get use out of this shirt.  My only criticism was that instead of "Who You Gonna Call?" it should have read "Do Re Egon"

The other items in the box were more throw away and I was much less impressed.  The first was a bizarre and silly Awkward Family Postcards Book (8.95 on Amazon). To be honest, it's 2015, I am not going to send a postcard.  I don't need 30 people reading my silly thoughts (oh wait...i'm blogging..).  Well...who has stamps??

Also included was a Rubick's Cube stress ball ($8.47 on Amazon). Its a nifty desk item, but I kinda wish it had been an actual Rubick's Cube. Another nerd block exclusive in the box was the clearly unsanctioned "Coaster of Kings." Now it clearly doesn't say so, but the coaster resemble the houses from Game of Thrones.  Usable, but...odd.

Nerdblock is $19.99 plus shipping ($9.50) and ships APO in a really timely way. The items this month were fun. Overall out of 10, I give this month's "Mixtape" Nerdblock a 6 on quality, 9 on cost, 8 on appropriate for me and 7 on fun!

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