Foreign service and life abroad means you need to be adaptable and flexible (or as they drill into us, resilient).  You have to adopt the Boy Scout motto of "Be Prepared." For us, this is even more so in West Africa. You never know if the highway will be shut down and you will be forced onto a series of dirt "roads" or if you end up without power for hours on end.  I wrote last week about SERE box, and this week I have the opportunity to review Prepper Gear

Both boxes fit in the end of the world scenario prepping genre, but from my research, unlike SEREBox, Prepper Gear is focused on the tools you will need to survive and less on provisions. In addition, they are focused on making sure you have additional survival type information.

This is what the box looked like.

The first item was the UST "folding saw" ($10.64).  This was the first item in a while that made Andrew perk up.  As I mentioned before, he was not as SEREBox supportive because he felt like he couldn't use anything in the box and right away, he had use for the collapsible saw.  I just don't think I want to know what for. 

The next two items were a compact stove ($11.70) and Esbit solid fuel cubes ($5.99).  This stove looked small and flimsy but I did some research online and this little stove gets great reviews, especially from sports and camping sites.

Also included was a pocket-sized ceramic knife sharpener with a carabiner clip, also from UST ($8.54). Once again, I turned to Amazon and was shocked at the miles of 5 stars reviews and even more impressed by the knife enthusiasts swearing by it. Last was the UST Shelter Building Cards, part of the Learn and Live Card Collection.  Each laminated card describes a variety of shelters with step-by-step instructions and photographic illustrations ($7).

Prepper Gear Boxes are $25 each or 3 month prepay: $23 per month. Prepper Gear ships APO/DPO.

Overall, out of 10. I give Prepper Gear a 10 on quality (everything was 5 star on Amazon!), 10 on cost (totaled up everything was $43.87!!), 8 on appropriate for me, and 7 on fun.  I was super impressed by this box and really do suggest it for any camping, hiking, outdoor enthusiast, or amateur prepper.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: Prepper Gear also wins the Dubinskys' Travels Gold award for offering a 15% percent discount off the first box for Military and Diplomat communities.  Use coupon code: Travels.


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