First of all, this article is slightly delayed.  I did receive my July StitchFix last week and it arrived in an incredibly timely fashion.  As you will see at the beginning of a bunch of our posts this week, the family came down with a WICKED cold, and there is nothing worse than a sick toddler...except maybe a sick husband.

This month's Stitch Fix was full of incredibly cute clothes, that for some reason or another didn't fit right. There is a full unboxing video at the bottom for those who would rather view videos.  Stitch Fix is a personal shopping subscription that provides a series of pieces (4 clothing and 1 accessory) based on a series of personal preferences and your measurements.  This is a pay as you keep box, meaning you can return for refund what you don't want, but there is a large discount if you keep all the pieces.  Which in my fun research uncovered a plethora of fun Stitch Fix trading groups on FB and Google+.

The first piece was this stunning dress (brands in the video, apologies I already mailed back everything). The fabric and pattern were great, but sadly just didn't cut me in the right place.

The next piece was this Texan style blouse.  It was super cute on, but I am not a big fan of a more "crop top style" shirt.  Sadly it hut the return pile.

The next was this great long sleeved shirt with a purple and teal pattern.  Initially, I was pumped to keep this piece for work, but then I surveyed my closet and realized I already owned about 5 shirts in this cut and decided I needed to try and diversify a tad more. (Purely my choice, no fault of Stitch Fix).

Finally was this, interesting cardigan.  Asymmetry AINT my thing.  I am PLAGUED with OCD and I know I would spend the whole time freaking out about the zipper placement.  I also was a tad disappointed to get winter wear when I flag each month that I live in West Africa and there is no winter. 

The only piece I kept this month was this AMAZING multi toned metal cuff ($35).  At first I was put off by the price, but it looks great on and matches literally every piece of jewelry I won. I have worn it twice already. I love the random accessories in this box, I really feel I find myself finding.

Out of 10 on quality I give this month's Stitchfix a 7, on cost 8, on appropriate for me 6 and fun a 9.

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