Finally! Our StrengthCrate finally arrived on Friday. This is probably the box that we were looking forward to the most, both because of the concept and because we really like the guys running it. The idea behind StrengthCrate is to send you a box every month with equipment, apparel, supplements, and training aids that can be used virtually anywhere.

Our box included 5 items: a portable kettlebell, fitness bands, liquid hand chalk, and an amino acid supplement.  I have been not so secretly hoping for a portable kettlebell to assist my workouts in our driveway after LJ goes to bed.  StrengthCrate included the 0-15 pound PKB Lite kettlebell ($44.95).  

I'm a little torn on this item. Yes, it is what I wanted. Yes, it will be great for when we travel, which we do in these careers. Yes, it will work perfectly in my driveway. However, you have to fill it with something like sand or rocks. In order to to use water, you have to spend an additional $30 on a bladder, and that bladder is currently sold out on the website.  From reading reviews, people seem to love that this kettlebell has a durable shell that can take abuse and that from using sand or water, you get a more unstable load than an iron kettlebell and work out different muscles.  My biggest concern is that I won't be able to find something to fill it with when i get to a hotel somewhere.

The Iron Woody Fitness Red #2 Super Mini Bands ($13.50 on plus $8.95 shipping). This specific band offers 10-50 pounds of resistance.  These seem to have uses. I think I'm going to try to use them to increase my pullups. Whitney now tells me that she has the same plan.

The Hand Armor Liquid Chalk ($8.95 for the four ounce bottle) is also just as it sounds. It replaces chalk but is supposed to last an entire workout. Apparently it doubles as a soap, as well. Amazon has some mixed reviews (one three-star and one five-star). I read some longer reviews on forums. It seems like it lasts longer and is cleaner than chalk, but there may be better chalks out there. Again, looking forward to testing it out.

Next, the Beast Aminolytes (currently $7.37) is a blend of amino acids and electrolytes. This is a five serving pack and is pineapple flavored. You mix a scoop into water and drink during and after the workout for increased endurance and recovery. I'm not really an supplement guy, but I can see how this fits the target audience. For what it's worth, the product does have great reviews online.

Finally, we got a StrengthCrate t-shirt and a drawstring gym bag.  To me, a t-shirt is a t-shirt, but it did fit me perfectly and is soft and comfortable.  No complaints.  The guys also include a flyer that explains basic kettlebell movements and an August workout.  My box was very focused on proper movements, so I was set there already.  It's always good to have an extra workout handy. I'll test this out at my next workout.

StrengthCrate offers three monthly options.  The warm up crate is $35 plus taxes and shipping and handling.  It includes 1 training aid, apparel items,a supplement with 5-30 servings, and1 lifestyle product.  This crate is over $55 in value.  For $55 plus taxes and shipping and handling, the game-day crate adds a piece of workout equipment and should be a $75 value.  Finally, the greatest of all time crate costs $75 and adds on an additional piece of workout equipment.  It packs a  value over $100 a month.  

Overall, out of 10, I give StrengthCrate a 9 on quality (mostly based on online reviews), 8 on cost (I found the products online for $83.72 plus the t-shirt and gym bag compared to $75 for the GOAT crate - although I think I will buy the water bladder add on for the kettle bell), 9 on appropriate for us and 9 on fun. We're hoping to use this box for the basics of a portable gym for our portable lifestyles.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: StrengthCrate has won our Gold Award. Take advantage of $10 off on S&H for all APO/FPO addresses (first order) and Active Duty Military get 5% off their order (Code PTSTRONG15)


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