We decided to start doing a monthly wrap up of the boxes we found to be the "Best of the Month" according to the Dubinsky Household. (So not including boxes by guest bloggers). This was partially due to the fact that we want to ensure that we are keeping boxes in the rotation that we love and look forward to.  

I was almost shocked to see how much crossover there was between my husband's list and mine; so here are our top 5 Subscription Boxes for July 2015.

1) M is for Monster: As working parents we thoroughly enjoyed the M is for Monster box for July.  We enjoyed that it had a great variety of small projects that we could do between 5-7 pm during "our time."  Each one is educational and great for LJ.  We are super glad we started getting this box.

2) Gamebox Monthly: We can't stress how much we enjoyed both the concept and, in the end, the game we received in July.  Andrew and I have played Dungeon Roll about 3 times now and we like that its quick and still competitive and fun. Also, you can change the game up easily by switching characters.  This is a great game for parents while toddlers are sleeping.

3) PupJoy: We have been diving into the doggie boxes in the past weeks, but we do have to say so far our favorite was July's Pupjoy.  The Owl, Tiger, and "Ever lasting" bone seem to be the items the dogs have enjoyed the most. Menlo is actually carrying the owl around the house as I write this. We determined this purely by what the mutts were still playing with.  

4) Homegrown Collective: I really enjoyed the projects in this month's HomeGrown collective. In addition, I love that it taught me fun ways to make makeup remover and great uses for coconut oil. 

5) My Bakers Box: I know I was wishy washy when the box arrived, but, looking back, I have to admit my favorite part of this month's My Bakers Box was the motivation to bake and play with the family. As much as I want to at the beginning of every day, sometimes I lack the energy on the weekends to do anything.  My Bakers Box this month motivated me to make amazing Sea Cupcakes, which LJ (and some of his friends) spent the next week eating.  I was even motivated to make my own icing.

Honorable Mention: We wanted to give a quick honorable mention for July to Prepper Box, SERE Box and  Wantable Makeup.  Each of these boxes rocked this month, but didn't make both Dubinskys top 5 lists.


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