Well, I think I am going to give it one more month but I can tell that I don't think Wantable Accessories and I are meant to be.  I have mentioned before that I have felt Wantable Accessories was like walking into Icing (adult Claire's). Don't get me wrong some of it is cute and 100% in fashion, I just don't like the feel.

This month they changed up the packaging.  I was super frustrated with the balled up chains of necklaces so I was happy to see the boxes, however, I did like the little bags for storage. The first item was a pair of "Gigi" silver hoops. Nothing special to them but I recently watched a video that said women over 20 shouldn't wear hoop earrings, so now I am hoop paranoid.

Next was the above pictured Amy Jean Necklace in gold. I liked that it was a piece with presence, it just isn't my taste.  Would go great with solid shirts though.  I don't know what put me off.

The final items were a disaster for me.  Both the Joelle Necklace and the Larin bracelet above were on those bubble chains that remind me of middle school and both seemed flimsy and cheapish.

Not a great review this month, but if you are interested, Wantable Accessories is $40 a month and you can return whatever you don't want for credit (which works out well if you have two other Wantable sets, like me). 

Overall this Wantable Accessories box was out of 10, 4 on quality, 8 on cost, 4 on appropriate for me, and 3 on fun.

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