This month was a big month for Wantable.  Wantable recently added a skincare category within their Makeup Collection. Full unboxing video at the bottom of the post.

Subscribers can narrow their skincare options by “liking” or “loving” cleansers & exfoliators, moisturizers & creams, masks, anti-aging, or makeup remover. Like other products they offer, a customer will only receive skincare if she “likes” or “loves” it on her style quiz. Some of the name brands include: Model Co, Beautisol, Robanda, Previse, Manna Kadar and Bodyography. 

This was great for me because I was getting a lot of makeup these days and traveling increases my need for cleansers etc. This month I was SUPER impressed with my box.  All the things are all things I either needed or really wanted.

The first item was a great rich Mirabella Colour Vinyl Vintage.  It was a deep rich lipstick in Vintage Rose shade that photographed a little more red than it is. This lipstick retails for $26.00 (only one review on amazon).

BB cream ($22) is all the rage these days.  I am a fan because as my mom can tell you I HATE FOUNDATION.  I have refused to wear since I was 14 and given that I am 32, this probably won't change.  BB Cream got popular because it is a VERY light weight foundation as well as SPF 30.  Given that for the last week I was in Norther Ghana, SPF is REQUIRED. This was light and matched my skin tone well.

Next was another Model Co product, their Blush Cheek powder ($15). It is a light pink with a bit of shimmer to it.  Nothing all that special but a good powder.  According to some reviews this was in the February Ipsy box and reviewers found it too glittery and had to use it VERY sparingly.

Last was eyes shadow from Mica Beauty in their Mineral Eye Shadow line in Deep Secret color. I have gotten Mica pigments in the past and enjoy them.  Mixed with either water or primer they can have a great matte look and loose they add a lot of shimmer.  The brown color wasn't something I needed but I love the glitter look. It was $15 with shipping on Amazon and has a 4 star value. Reviewers liked the vibrant color but consistently had issues with spills.

Overall I priced the box at $78 and Wantable priced it at $85.  Out of 10 on quality I give this box an 9, on value 10, appropriate for me 7 and fun 8.  Excited for the changes Wantable!

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