For those new to Wantables, it is a monthly flat fee of $40 a month and get various items for lingerie, underwear and pajamas in your sizes.  You can return what you don't want for a mix of refund and store credit.

When I first signed on to Wantable I added a note to my account about my "Olivia Pope list." Among a slew of things, this list was a commitment I made to myself to dress and be as fashionably badass as Olivia Pope. Now this was a couple years back, but the one Olivia Pope mantra I have kept with is Bra and Panties must match. Anytime, Ms. Pope got undressed with an affair with whomever, she was in a banging pair of undergarments as meticulous as her makeup.

Now this commitment was easy to keep up with in the US.  I would stop into Vickie's and grab the latest colors and sets, but its harder overseas where I can shop for an hour.  So I told Wantable, no bras or panties that don't match and they haven't let me down yet.

I got four pieces in this months box and the clear favorite was this pink and black set from Sophie B.  Now I will admit the quality is still sub Victoria's Secret.  Internet browsing has this set close to $20, but even if I only get 5 wears out of them they are super cute and Olivia Pope would approve.

For loungewear, I got this white (super tight) fitted cami.  I am not REALLY into sleepwear on top that is tight to sleep in.  Something about tight around the stomach makes me uncomfortable ($10).

However, I also got these super cute pajama shorts.  This is the second month I have gotten pajama shorts and I really like them.  And I think my husband likes that I no longer grab his boxers on hot nights.

Overall out of 10  I give this month's Wantable Intimates on quality 6, on cost 7, on appropriate for me 8 and fun 7.

You can sign up for Wantable Intimates here.
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