Bookroo is a children's subscription box that provides incredibly unique and high quality books for kids. I love this subscription box because it provides fun and different books I normally would have never seen otherwise for my son. (Full unboxing video at the bottom)

The first book was Pirate Nap ($12.33 with a 5 star rating on  My son practically attacked the book yelling Pirates.  Let's just say my son is a big Jake and the Neverland Pirates so this book was right up his alley. A young boy and his brother try their best to escape nap time. These boys have vivid imaginations and use household objects for props. This makes a great story time book as the illustrations are bright and bold, the length is perfect for short attention spans and is told in rhyme, making it fun to read aloud.

The second book was Hugless Douglas and the Big Sleepover ($11.66 and 4.5 stars on Amazon). This is one of three in a Douglas the Bear series.  In this book Douglas has been invited to a sleepover at Rabbits house. His sleepover bag is really full and heavy with all the things he felt he couldn't do without. On the way he gets a little lost, he climbed a tree so he could see where he should be. The tree crashed and he squished some sheep, who he then invited to Rabbits..more shenanigans ensue. The book has lively and colorful illustrations that follow the characters through the book. The back pages even show what animals might pack for a sleepover. 

Bookroo is 19.99 a month, 59.99 for 3 months, $104.99.  I think the best part of this service is that it provides the opportunity to locate new books. 

Overall out of 10, I give Bookroo a 10 on quality, 8 on cost (combined value of $23.99), 10 on appropriate for LJ and 8 on fun!


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