The kid's subscription box genre is booming and as I dive into researching these boxes I am wowed by the thought and quality included in each. This month we received Bramble Box, a craft and learning box with pretend play prop boxes for kids age 3-8. Each box contains all the materials required for hours of fun, as well as activities to build and strengthen essential development skills each based on a fun theme.

The Bramble Box we received this month was the Circus themed box, which was perfect because we had been talking about the circus after an episode of Paw Patrol (too much TV I know). The props in the box were soo much fun.  Pictured below are a clown nose and tickets to enter our fun Dubinsky Family Circus.

The box included a fun book that showed sequences of the circus so we could explain everything from clowns to the trapeze artists. The book was an amazing quality and my son loved it. I also trying to show in the above picture a super cute elephant temporary tattoo that went along with the activity.

The art project was incredibly creative and fun. I think the best part of the art project is that it has turned into a new toy in our house.  The box included the above pictured stickers and pegs to create a clown, strong man and ring master. The instructions had us use the box the kit came in to create a scene for our pegs to play in.

Not the best photo of LJ, but you can see we decorated the little pegs and started playing. The box included a sheet of circus themed stickers, which LJ used to decorate the box.  After the photos we drew on eyes to these little guys.

While LJ did stickers we talked about the circus.  Don't I make a fine clown. Sadly LJ wasn't in love with the nose so we couldn't get a picture of him with it on.

Finally the box included these great scarves that were meant for juggling purposes.  To be honest I can't juggle, but LJ and I had a blast throwing up the scarves and he had a huge laugh at my expense.

Bramble Box is $25 for a single box and includes definitely a nights worth of activities along with toys and books that can be reused in creative ways.  3 Month subscription is 75.00 6 Month Subscription is $144.00 and 12 Month Subscription is $276.00.

For all our readers the included referral links will offer a $10 discount (though for military this can't be combined with military offer below).Overall out of 10 I give Bramble Box a 9 on quality ,10 on cost (great value for the price), 8 on appropriate for LJ (the craft project was a little rough for LJ and mom did most) and 10 on fun (see pic below).

Military Discount: Bramble Box has won our Gold Award for offering a great military discount! Use coupon code Overseas20 for 20% off your first box, which cannot be combined with other coupons.

Disclaimer: This box was received for review purposes. This article also contains referral links


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