Last month, I wrote I was not all that impressed by Cosmo-Cube's Steampunk box, especially when a piece actually broke while unboxing. This month, I was beyond let down with Cosmo-Cubes "Whatever" box. This box included 4, relatively lame items, none of which I would have purchased and I would be SHOCKED if the values reached the 24.99. (Unboxing video at the bottom)

A new feature this month was that Cosmo-Cube did include a card. The card neither explained well what the "whatever" theme meant NOR highlighted the items well.

First was a Dr. Who Beanie, shockingly this was 14.95 on amazon with a 5 star rating. Personally, I was underwhelmed.  Its a cute Dr. Who novelty, but I can't see myself wearing it, ever.  Next was a Transformers LED Dog Tag ($6), mine was autobots and glowed red.  That's all I got on that.

The next two items were a Minecraft foam "gun" ($8) and a Dragon Ball (the closest link I could find was all 7 sold for 28.99..ok simple math, $4.14). Neither of these items interested me NOR had any practical use or collectible value.

Overall, I felt this was a box of stuff that served no purpose and had no theme. I cancelled Cosmo-Cube.  Out of 10 I give Cosmo-Cube a 3 on quality, 6 on cost ($33.09 but I think that is incredibly nice), 3 on appropriate for me and 5 on fun.


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